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Walt Disney

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Walt Disney has made many lives of people across the globe acquire a very imaginative imaginary and has made many hours of entertainment. Over his many years of cartooning and entertaining movies Walt Disney has earned him self 48 Academy Awards.

On December 5th 1901 Walt Disney was born into a family of seven, being the youngest of five children. Walt's siblings were named Walt, Roy, Ruth, Herb and Ray and Ray and Herb ran away from home. At the age of seven he was enrolled Mc Kinley State School. In 1910 The Disney family sold the farm and moved to Kansas City. Roy told Walt that he wanted to leave home, though Walt said not to. The family decided to move from Kansas though Walt wanted to stay and finish his schooling; Walt was allowed to move in with Ray.

Walt Disney have made many different cartoons over the years and has had many down times with losing Oswald the Rabbit and Bankrupting Laugh-O-Gram club at the age of 22. Walt Disney went to World War one and was said to be to young, though he forged his birth certificate and was allowed in the Red Cross. While in the War Walt painted medals on leathers jackets for five francs each and also painted the ambulance. When he returned home from war, Walt told his dad he wanted to become an animator and his dad never thought one of his children would fulfill a stupid career.

Walt Disney designed Disney pictures and made the famous Disneyland and Disneyworld. He has made many different full length cartoons including Snow White, Pinocchio, Bambi, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi. Though his greatest achievement to date, is the wonderful and joyful character Mickey Mouse. He was also the voice of Mickey Mouse.

Walt Disney was told by many people that he was following a career with no real income or future though Walt kept his head high. He wasn't kind, and was very strict because he wanted to get the job done the first time. He put most of his personalities into the characters like



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