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Virtual Reality

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Imagine yourself being about to jump off of a building and fly over Glendale on your personal tour. You see a beautiful view of the city, and then you quickly pass over G.C.C, where you have spent many memorable times.

Probably this thing is ever going to happen in real life. However, there is a way you can experience the feeling that something like this is really happening. If you are open to new ideas and you have a good imagination, virtual reality may be for you.

For the purposes of this speech, I will illustrate virtual reality as a highly interactive, graphical environment, which can be applied in sports or educational purpose.

What is virtual reality?

According to webopedia, "an artificial environment created with computer hardware and software. To "enter" a virtual reality, a user wears special gloves, earphones, goggles and full-body wiring. In addition to feeding sensory input to the user, the devices also monitor the user's actions."

In virtual reality, the user interacts in a virtually real world. This world is a three-dimensional simulation.

Virtual reality device lets you interact with real time graphics in a very natural mode. The mouse, keyboard, and monitor help us to adapt to unnatural situations.

Virtual reality also lets you experience things directly. For example, instead of watching a baseball game, you can actually play with the team if you want.

Virtual reality could be used as an effective training tool in sports. If you like golf, you can extend your golf training program into cyberspace using an advanced golf simulator.

1. With a golf simulator, golfers will receive a valuable virtual golf experience in the comfort of their home.

2. Indoor golf simulator is lots of fun and is very effective for golf exercises and virtual golf training.

Golf exercises at home have been a dream of so many golfers and now can be achieved for under $1000, ("The Ultimate Golf



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