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Virtual Reality Games

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To bring real benefits to the customer and company, the VR game concepts that you chose need to focus on the market in Asia Pacific. Gamers, rejoice! Last year, CyberFest 2017 brings you the Gaming Education Fair as part of its biggest gaming festival, held in Empire City, Petaling Jaya. In 2018, you as the organizer and employee from either Play Station Company or Xbox Company will be promoting the new game in the upcoming gaming event- CyberFest 2018. However, no gaming event is complete without any game competition. Gamers from all walks of life will meet up with friends and have a smashing good time playing the game that design by you.

VR is produced by many company such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear VR which is also made by Facebook’s Oculus. Currently, VR games is only available for PC, PS and Xbox. Even though VR is getting popular nowadays, but it’s still very new to the consumer and it seems that only a few VR games were launch such as Star Trek: Bridge, Battle zone, guided meditation or Until Dawn.

However, customer is complaining that the VR game concept is lack of creativity and they think that the publishers are struggling for original ideas. If you happen to be a developer of VR game for Play Station or Xbox (Half of the class will represent Play Station Company and another half will represent Xbox Company), you are require to provide an idea for VR games concept to attract new customer and retain current customer. In other words, you need to go crazy thinking of what type of games could work in a Virtual-Reality environment.



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