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Violent Femmes

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Feel Presents are proud to announce the return of the quintessential cult band, Milwaukee, Wisconsin trio,


From their humble beginnings on the streets of Milwaukee to now, many things have changed but one thing that hasn't is the sound of the band. Their loose, improvisational, acoustic sound is timeless. They have ten albums under their belt which include a host of anthems, like; Blister In The Sun, Gone Daddy Gone and Kiss Off' (to name but a few) all from their first album, the only album in the history of Billboard magazine to achieve platinum status without ever appearing in the top 200. Add in, American Music, Add it Up, Gimme the Car and countless others and you've got the greatest, greatest hits band to never have a hit in the history of modern pop music!

Having racked up millions of air miles over the years, VIOLENT FEMMES have taken their music to over 400 cities in 40 countries which helps explain the most distinctive thing about them... their relationship with their 'fourth member'... the audience. No other band in rock has stayed active for as long while maintaining the same demographic. The Femmes have audience members who have grown up with the band, and even some 3 generation families of fans. But for the most part the audience remains the same high school and college kids who have always been the core of the Femmes crowd. This 'Picture of Dorian Grey" effect is unique in the world of pop music.

For the ultimate raw, unplugged and untainted experience, don't miss the Violent Femmes, live this March.

Tickets for all shows on sale Friday 28th January



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