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Violent Video Games

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Violence in video games to this point has not been proven to raise aggression, furthermore they do not cause crime, video games are NOT reality, and the results of research to this point are very inconsistent.

In 1831 Joseph Henry's and Michael Faraday's work to prove that electromagnetic communication was possible, it sparked a new era; The era of television, computers, and with those came "video games." All these have been topic of the Medias new craze to blame many teen crimes on violent video games. People never cease to see that sometimes they are just looking for something to blame what there kids do or other kids do. Some don't see the real reason a crime was committed

because of hate but they instead blame it on something that there kids have seen on TV or played in a video game. Violence in video games to this point has not been proven to raise aggression, furthermore they do not cause crime, video games are NOT reality, and the results of the research to this point have been completely inconsistent.

People are now blaming the crimes teen's commit on video games, violent video games. Some try to blame it on violent television shows, but recently it has turned primarily to violent video games. In attempt to prove that this is a major cause, they have tried doing controlled laboratory tests where students play a game for 4 - 75 minutes. Following they take different steps to measure the aggression of the students. When one plays a video game it is a voluntary self-directed activity (Garvey, 1991), an experience that probably can't be captured in a laboratory experiment. What this means is that no one wants to play a game on command, the reason people play games is for enjoyment, usually in the comfort of their own home or a friends. As you read over the laboratory experiments one thing one would notice is that none of the tests consider that the students probably aren't enjoying playing the game. Also when someone sits down to play a violent video game they are working towards a goal that they want to achieve. So when someone plays for around 10 minutes they can obviously not achieve that goal so they are not reaching the sense of accomplishment that they would normally feel when they beat a level or the entire game, or a big boss. To make some of these tests more accurate there needs to be a way that they can test someone who freely goes to play the game and for the amount of time that they want to play it.

The media has been blaming one thing majorly on these violent video games and that is the crime rate. This has been a straight up lie though. Since 1994 when the first playstation game console came out crime rates have been consistently dropping to where they are now, an all time low! It's not a lie either, that information is taken directly from the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Statistics. So what reason to they have to make this argurment? Possible because the media needs something to blame these crimes on, but as you can see they crime rate is at an all time low which means video games have been helping the rate. So is there something missing from this, some catch. No there isn't. Since where talking about the youth population here there is another graph which shows that the crime from ages 14-17 has fallen dirastically since 1994 and



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