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Vienna Committee - Pedro De Sousa Holstein

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Congress of Vienna Committee


Pedro de Sousa Holstein

October 18, 2016

Vienna Committee:Pedro de Sousa Holstein

The Congress of Vienna is a meeting following Napoleonic Wars, addressing the power in Europe, as Napoleon is no longer in power. The delegations of Austria, Prussia, Russia and Great Britain, are meeting to address this power change within Europe. Many European countries are in political and economic chaos, due to the amplitude of the Napoleonic Wars, and the Congress of Vienna is to create a solution.

Borders within the nations of Europe need to be restored to pre-Napoleonic territory. These claims by Napoleon have caused political and economic distress within Portugal, as major regions and towns are taken by Spain. Portugal has been affected by border change with Spain, from Napoleon's attack in the region of Olivenza, a major economic trading center for Portugal with the rest of Europe. Portugal has also been affected economically with trade with Eastern Europe, putting Portugal on the brink of economic turmoil. Political ties within Europe are fragile, and Portugal is restaining its aggression for the bettering of the people, as it is time for war to end within Europe.

As full control of Portuguese diplomacy, I call for the nations who have claimed pre-Napoleonic territory to transfer the land back, as diplomatic ties, if not applied, will rise neighboring nations, potentially causing another war in Europe, furthering economic and political distress within our fragile nations. I plan to secure Portuguese borders with Spain, especially Portugal's claims to Olivenza, as Spain forces are pushing against giving land claims back to Portugal. Establishing pre-Napoleonic borders between Portugal and Spain will also help diplomatic relations



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