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Video Games: More Good Than Bad

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It’s Not Pac Man’s Fault

Recently, videogames have been accused of increased violence among young people and have been blamed for society’s problems. However, I believe that videogames are not responsible for violence increase or other people’s actions. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite situation. Videogames offer mental health benefits, improve social skills and enforce and incorporate academic skills.

Although many adults think video games are nothing but a waste of time and mind, they are actually a helping hand and brain stimulator. Studies have shown that videogames increase memory capacity, hand-eye coordination and develop critical thinking techniques. Statistics show that video gamers who drive are 63% less likely to be involved in a car crash thus creating a safer environment for everyone. In addition, videogames are also responsible for enhancing the player’s imagination and creativity. Several of the creators and producers of recent video games have also played other videogames before, acquiring the wonderful ability to “think outside the box”.

Not only do videogames help players mentally, but they also build character and strengthen social skills. Many games require the player to work together along with teammates in order to succeed in the game such as games involving tactical squadrons. Teamwork, a skill that comes standard in almost every game, is an important part of social life that is used nearly every day. Furthermore, the fact that many players discuss their game tactics or strategies with others, boost their self confidence and helps them gain friends. The increasing level of difficulty as the game advances, make players set goals and expectations to themselves which often result in them meeting or exceeding their goal which they can later apply



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