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Video Games Are Good

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Video Games Are Good

Video games are fun and exciting. It builds the individual’s tone with the opponent, and it teaches them to plan their own strategies and have fun. Video games can give adults and youths enhanced mental skills, moral decision-making, and physical fitness. It also aids them to lose weight. However, these positive effects of playing video games come along with some negative effects as well, specifically when video games are too violent.

To begin with, video games can give adults and youths enhanced mental skills, moral decision-making, and physical fitness. In the essay GAMING MAKES KIDS PHYSICALLY FIT? NEW RESEARCH SAYS YES. MAYBE. It says “Social scientist have recently linked gaming with enhanced mental skills, moral decision-making and even physical fitness”. Gaming can teach adults & youths new skills they haven’t learned before and with those skills they can use them in their lives. Similarly, gaming helps with decision making, it helps them come up with decisions on what the person is doing. In the same way, gaming helps with physical fitness, it helps you get active. For example, Wii gaming system and Xbox gaming system help you get fit by making you do fun activities like playing tennis(Wii) or Kinect adventures(Xbox). Gaming help you get active.

Secondly, Gaming helps you lose weight. In the essay GAMING MAKES KIDS PHYSICALLY FIT? NEW RESEARCH SAYS YES. MAYBE. It says “Gaming might burn more calories than just watching TV or it may be that kids holding a controller are not as likely to pick up a snack or a soda”. When you play video games for long periods of times you don’t feel the urge of getting a snack or a soda. Playing the video games can help you lose and weight and burn calories without doing any running, jumping jacks, jogging, or etc. Just grabbing the controller and playing video games for a long time can help you lose weight.

Now, some people say kids who played violent video games have aggressive traits. In the essay REVIEW OF RESEARCH SHOWS THAT PLAYING VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES CAN HEIGHTEN AGGRESSION, researcher Jessica Nicoll found that “…youth who played violent video games for a short time experienced an increase in aggressive behavior following the game…”. While they may be getting aggressive traits of violent video games, they also release the aggressiveness through the violent game by killing people. Sometimes it’s the parents fault on what the kids are playing because there the one who is not controlling them. Some games say 18+ but the parents don’t pay attention at the warning and still buy it for the kids.



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