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Two Restaurants Fit for Vfu’s Union

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Essay Preview: Two Restaurants Fit for Vfu’s Union

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Zeqi Yang

Professor Jackie Parkison

English 42000

16 October 2018

Mini Report

TO: Dining and Catering Department, Very Fake University

FROM: Zeqi Yang

DATE: October 15, 2018

SUBJECT: Two Restaurants Fit for VFU’s Union

Purdue University, with a larger scale, has similar demographics and geographic environment, compared with Very Fake University. Hence, investigating the restaurants located at Purdue Memorial Union has referential significance for recommending two restaurants for Very Fake University. On October 15, I visited Purdue Memorial Union and looked into all of the restaurants. Below, I have summarized my findings, addressed useful suggestions and attached relevant documentation.

Locations of the Restaurants

Purdue Memorial Union has three different levels, ground floor, main floor and second floor. Most of the restaurants, including a Starbucks coffee shop, are located on the ground floor and there exists a large public area (Union Commons Seating Area) for students and staff to eat their food, chat with each other and study. There is one upscale restaurant, name Sagamore, located on the second floor; it provides delicate food and reservation service.

Figure 1 Purdue Memorial Union Ground Floor Map

[pic 1]

Figure 2 Purdue Memorial Union Second Floor Map

[pic 2]

Types of the Restaurants

Judging from operation philosophy and grade, all of the restaurants located on the ground floor are the same; they are aimed to provide fast, convenient and delicious food with economical prices. As a result, customers need to wait in a line to order and pick up the food. In contrast, Sagamore is similar to a formal American restaurant where customers can enjoy delicate breakfast, lunch and comfortable service. A longer waiting time and service gratuity charge are required.

The “quick meal” restaurants located on the ground floor can be generally divided into three different types: Western-style food, Mexican grill and Asian food.

Table 1 Classifications of the Ground Floor Restaurants

Food Type

Restaurant Name

Main Food Provided



pizza, sandwiches, soups, salads


pizza, salads, pasta, chicken wings

Pappy's Sweet Shop

burgers, sandwiches, hotdogs, desserts

Oasis Café

sandwiches, soups, wraps

Green Leaf's Salads



La Salsa

tacos, burritos, bowls


Q Express

Korean lunch boxes, snacks


China, Vietnam& Thailand Entrées + rice


sushi, Japanese noodles & bowls



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