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Two Kinds of Classes at College: Online or Campus

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Essay Preview: Two Kinds of Classes at College: Online or Campus

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Two Kinds of Classes at College: Online or Campus

Jasmin Limon Garcia

Northeast Alabama Community College

5 October 2018

Two Kinds of Classes at College: Online or Campus

When entering college, it is necessary to take into consideration the way of life and study forms one has. Each person tends to have different styles of learning, and that is why choosing the right courses and where to take them is a priority. Not only where but choosing if it is either going to be on campus or online classes. Factors that need to be taken into consideration are flexibility, self-motivation, and the social interaction between teachers and classmates.

Flexibility plays a major part in applying for classes. Online classes offer a “you can do it anywhere” as to traditional classes which requires to attendance. This tends to take time out of the day for someone that has a job and a family to attend for. For some, on-campus courses require the students to show up to class because it is taken for a grade; not only that but classes often must be attended twice or more a week. As for an online class, the coursework can be done around family life and work schedules. Online courses tend to let students work as fast or as slow they would like to.

Not only does flexibility take an important role, but something else that needs to be considered is the amount of self- motivation and self-discipline one has. Both online and on campus courses require motivation and discipline but each have their differences.  For example, online classes require a large amount of self-motivation, seeing as the student is going to teach themselves the material from the comfort of their homes, which may be a struggle to stay on task. They also must turn in everything on time or before the due date. On the contrary, traditional classes the professors gather the materials that the student will need and teach it to them. Students that attend on campus class have the advantage of being reminded of due dates and assignments that are about to come. It also helps students that tend to procrastinate on assignments the many times the class must meet.



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