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Kafir Boy And Two Kinds

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Why do our parents makes us do things we do not want to do? Like most children we always ask each other that exact question. In Kafir Boy by Amy Tang and Two Kinds by boy we read about to two different children who share the same feelings and pressures from their parents. Both children do not understand why their mothers did what they did but throughout the stories they begin to understand their mother and become thankful for what they did for them. In the stories Kafir Boy and Two Kinds we are introduced to two different characters whose parents want their children to be well educated, and will go to the extremes to give them a great education.

As we read Kafir Boy and Two Kinds, we begin to realize that both the mothers and the children are alike. An example of this is that both children feel pressure from their mothers' expectations. Both children feel that they have to be perfect for their mothers to be proud of them. Another example is that both their mothers want what is best for them. Both Mathabane and Amy do not understand why they have to do what their mothers want, and because of this they try to rebel against their mothers and do the opposite of what they are told. Throughout the stories both children begin to understand what their mothers do for them is for their own good.

In both stories there are many similarities, but there are also many differences. An example of this is that Amy's mother wanted her to become a child prodigy so that she could brag about her, while Mathabane's mother just wanted him to have a good future. Both mothers want the same things for their children, but have different intentions for doing what they do. Another example is that Mathabanes father did not want him to have an education, while Amy's father did. Amy's father supported his daughter, and wanted her to have a better life, but Mathabanes father does not want him to become someone better.

To make their children become well educated both



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