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Tv Production

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To produce a game show you have to first and foremost hire a crew. You would start by hiring an associate to help aid yourself, the producer, in all the needs of production. From there hire a director, assistant director, technical director, audio engineer, chyron operator, VTR, 3 camera operators, floor manager, talent(host), set designer. Now that the crew is set there has to be a production meeting this should only contain the producer, associate producer, director, and maybe the host and another crew member. It is here that the format of the show will be discussed and brought together and finalized. Once that is done the set will be designed and put together by the set designer along with all the questions and script will be prepared for the show. Before the actual shoot of the show there will have to be numerous rehearsals. No contestants or audience for this are needed but it will used to get the shots down. It will be the associate producer's job to find contestants and audience members. On the day of the actual shoot everyone will have their job. Camera operators will have there job of setting the cameras, i.e. chipping, white balance, positioning. VTR will have to make sure they have the intro package ready and set to run along with a blank tape or DVD for recording of the show. Graphics has to have all graphics and contestant names set up and ready. The host must be dressed for the part and ready with what he is going to say and how he is going to perform the game show with the pre determined format. After everything is set up the stage manager will lead the contestants to their seats and with the audience to their seats. Audio will them mic up the host and the contestants making the levels correct and so on. The director will go over what shots the camera will go over and once everything from camera to lighting to audio is squared then all crew members will take their positions and get ready to go to work. From there the show is



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