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1. Executive Summary

Through our extensive research, we have come up with these key findings:

* Facilities and services, which are offered by universities and colleges, are the important aspect besides the courses and degrees provided.

* The student's prospective about the quality of the facilities and services offered by colleges before choosing any particular colleges.

* The facilities and services offered by the colleges should be aware of students' demand.

The objective is to identify the facilities and services that college and universities. From this objective we may assess how attractive the facilities and services offered by the colleges and universities.

Information sources for this project are obtained from both primary and secondary data. Exploratory research will be conducted to help us gather more information background of tertiary education industry in Malaysia. We will conduct interview with other staff colleges and universities, current students, and prospective students. Questionnaire will be given out to our sample size, which is about 800-1000 students to represent each of their colleges.

We conclude our research, knowing that facilities and services are core products of the colleges; the college and universities needs to improve it according to the customer's demand. We advice to assess their target market demand and then proceed with further research to identify what is needed for a good marketing offer.

2. Statement of Management Problem


he facilities and services system in the tertiary education which are offered in Malaysia are convenient and attractive. Malaysia has over 500 private universities and public universities and colleges that offer tertiary educations with different facilities and services in a variety of fields of study. With the public universities focus on their own education, private colleges and universities took the advantage of collaborating with foreign universities such as those in the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada to improve their services for student in completing their education. These colleges offer courses on a twinning basis in Malaysia by providing the same services within the country itself for a more affordable cost of living. These are catered for students who cannot afford studying overseas but now able to do so as these foreign-based universities established their campuses in Malaysia. Students have the choice of completing all academic years in Malaysia or proceeding to the respective foreign university for the final year, it is depended on their course. Obviously, Malaysia has become preferable choice for prospective students both locally and internationally. Hence, competition among universities and colleges is very high in terms of facilities and services offered. Better facilities and services reflected the course pricing. The competition in promoting the course especially in terms of facilities and services is very stiff. These made some colleges extend their agent to range overseas.

2.1 Problem Definition

2.1.1 Management Problem Definition

Colleges and universities are facing the pressure of competing with one another, in terms of offering facilities and services to attract student's intake, in the purpose of increasing the market share.

2.1.2 Marketing Problem Definition

Facilities and services needed to compete with other universities and colleges specially to cater with students' wants and demands.

3. Research Objective

Basically, we have several research objectives to find the gap between marketing problem and the desirable outcome, which are:

a. To identify the facilities and services that college and universities offers to attract students who want to enroll for higher education in the area of Petaling Jaya.

b. To gage the response on the facilities and services by the public.

4. Information Needs


here are two types of information that we need for this project which is the primary data and secondary data. Our source of secondary data is from college booklet that we gathered from each chosen college or university. Besides, the college's website and information from newspaper also had become our source of secondary data information. Moreover, the intention of secondary data is to assist our group to get a better overview and understanding of the college and university of their facilities and services.

Furthermore, we have collected primary data information from questionnaire survey and the in-depth interview. We targeted our in-depth interview to students or staff from the college / university. The aim of our in-depth interview is to get the information that we could not find from college booklet and college website.

We allocated our questionnaire surveys for around 800 to 1000 respondents. Subsequently, the information from questionnaire survey will help us to figure out the importance of facilities and services and the general rating of college or university's facilities and services.

In conclusion, the intention of our information needs is to meet our research objectives by gathering any write up, college booklet, or information about facilities and services that provided by chosen colleges.

5. Research Design

5.1 Exploratory Research


e are using the exploratory type of research to gain more background



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