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Cracked Shell; The End Of The Turtle Regime

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Essay Preview: Cracked Shell; The End Of The Turtle Regime

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In the past, the trolls and the turtles lived in harmony. They respected each others way of life and learned to share the land, which consisted of only one small island, with each other. Though the majority of each race followed their own religion; the turtles had the teachings of the Spiked One and the trolls have the wisdom of the Supreme Witch Doctor, some converted to the others way of life. Not only did some of each race adopt the others religion, but they also moved to each others city. The turtles were more than happy to have trolls living in their city, which wasn't many. The trolls at first did accept the turtles in their city as if they were family. Over the years, the turtles began to fall behind in technology to the trolls leaving their city less advanced. Since the troll city of Siren was much more advanced than the turtles city of Leban, the turtles flocked to Siren. The trolls were uneasy about this, as they knew their city could not handle such an increase in population. So over the years, the trolls began to develop a secret plan to drive the turtles out, but with every new plan that was developed, the same problem was found, how can they force the turtles out if they refused?

A crazy troll, named Sinokni, came up with the idea to produce a device that could harm or even kill a turtle if needed. The high witch doctors, who make the final decision on what happens in Siren, thought this was crazy, but eventually found this to be their only option. For the first time in their history, the trolls began to develop weapons. Then one day, every media outlet in Siren issued the order for all the turtles to go back to Leban, no questions asked. Most were confused and offended, but realized this was the trolls city and they invaded it, so they left peacefully. Some on the other hand, decided to stay and rebel. This small group of rebellious turtle marched up to Gates of Wisdom demanding an explanation and for the trolls to allow them to stay in their city. First Officer Sen'Ja told them to leave immediately or they would be forced to leave.

The turtles still refused so Sen'Ja fired his new weapon on one and killed him. The turtles saw this and were terrified and ran to back to Leban. The trolls saw how easy it was to kill a turtle, so they mass produced these weapons for safety from further rebellions. But after a while, they decided they should take Leban as well and force the turtles into the sea, after all they can live in the water where the trolls can't. They raided Leban showing no mercy driving the turtles to the Great Sea. This is how it has remained for the past five years.

Three weeks ago, the trolls noticed that the turtles were no longer coming up onto the shore to scare the children. The public saw this as their way of giving up, but one spiritual troll named Natoo, thought otherwise. He could feel that something was wrong and something awful was going to happen. Everyone just laughed at him, as he could only Ð''feel' this and had no proof. One week later, his feelings were confirmed. The turtles had studied a troll weapon that they had taken and had found a way to armour themselves from it. They stormed the shores marching 100 by 100 towards their former city of Leban. They took their city back with little effort. The trolls did back off once they found that their weapons didn't work and after all it wasn't even their city. One day after the turtles victory in Leban, they began the three day march to Siren. The trolls, now realizing they caused this and no longer had a way to defend themselves, knew the day of Armageddon was upon them.

Natoo, not being one to back down from a challenge, organized a group of men and began training in melee and spiritual combat. They were outnumbered 100 to 1, but still marched into battle. Others joined them along the way to help fight the turtles, including Natoo's good friend, Razar. The battle began and surprisingly the trolls held their ground. Though overtime they began to tire and needed to rest as they could no longer put up a good fight. Natoo ordered his men to retreat back behind their city walls to rest. During this retreat, Natoo witnessed Razar being killed by four turtles who laughed at his corpse. Natoo lost his mind, he simply just snapped. He no longer cared whether he won or lost, lived or died, he was going to kill every single one of those turtles. At this moment in time, a new sense of power filled



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