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Turkey And European Union

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The first candidature of Turkey was in 1987. At first the European Union decided to refuse in December 1989 to 1993. But, under the pressure of the United States , the European Union decided not to be a custom union. Since this, only a few things have been done in favor of the entry of Turkey. Turkey has done many efforts in order to respect the human rights : For example Turkey have abolished the death penalty, but there's still many things to do.

After the Second World War, the country was important in the military complex against the extension of USSR to the South. This country was the key point by the USA But after the end of the Cold War, Turkey seemed to be useless.

Nowadays with the new threat in the region, the entrance of Turkey could be important for a politic stability between Europe and the Middle East . In addition it would create a diplomatic and economic bridge between these spaces. it is the only chance for Europe to get to know more about Islam and how to join the Middle East and Europe.

While European populations are aging rapidly, Turkey's is growing and dynamic. Such a workforce will be essential for the bloc's economic feasibility in 25 to 50 years. Even nowadays, the strategic and symbolic importance of accepting Turkey - a bridge between the Middle Eastern, Muslim world and the West - will create the exact international influence the EU is seeking as a counter-balance to the United States.

Turkey as the only democratic country with a majority of muslim population, rightly deserves its unique place as a bridge between the west and the east. The question is not Turkey's accession to Europe. Since 1923, under the guidance of Ataturk, Turkey has been following the ideals of the Modern World and confirmed her place in Europe.The significance of Turkey's integration is well beyond Europe itself. It's the only and most certain way to establish peace, democracy and tolerance in this world.

If turkey is fully accepted ; that would be a great victory for the Turkish government. Both European countries and Turkey will benefit from this. So, why not remain a bridge?

On the other hand; the reasons of the refusal are not economic, because Romania has worst economic results than Turkey.But there's also many arguments against this enlargement. The first one, is that, whether the country respects the Copenhagen criteria, the arrival of million of workers, massively from South, afraid all the inhabitants because they would accept to work for a few money .

The other problem is a problem of



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