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Truth Or Fiction

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Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself “you know this cant be it. There has to be more to it than this.” Maybe, Just maybe, it would be wise to sit back and look at life from a different angel. As of now I’m sure you have heard of, or know about the stories in the old testament of the bible. Did you ever think to yourself “were these people in the bible stories real, physical, breathing humans?” Maybe they were characters. Sort of like when an actor or actress portrays a character in a movie. That's not really who they were, they were just acting out a story that once upon a time took place in real life. Is it possible that the old testament characters were playing real life characters that could hold the key to the abundance of questions you might have about religion and how the ways of today's world evolved. Is religion really what it portrays itself to be? Maybe your content with what you know and you believe in it just simply because that's the way its been all of your life. Maybe you want to know more you've just never really had any good bits of information that would spark your interests to go searching for more. Please sit back while I dive deep into history and help you try and understand a different perspective, and maybe even a more plausible one at that, of how what goes on in the world today from politics, to religion, to philosophy, or maybe just your personnel belief system, could have been affected through hidden secrets in ancient Egyptian and Roman past. Maybe the saying “who controlled the past, controls the future, and who controls the present, controlled the past” has a greater meaning than people would give it credit.

Im sure it is very well known that the Vatican, which is part of the triangle of the three independent city states District of Columbia, London City, and the Vatican, has a horde of the worlds wealth. But at the same time preaching about spiritual values of poverty and restraint. The church also puts a guilt trip on people. Telling them if they sin they should pay reparations to the church and God will forgive them. Does this even make sense? They’ve made a corporate business out of sin. Hmmm Something is not right here. This is why I call Christianity one of the biggest scams in our worlds history.

But to understand why its that way know lets look at the past.

Did you know that in the center of these three Independent Corporate city states lies a massive monument, an obelisk, pointing skyward. The District of columbia has The Washington Monument, funded and built by the high order of several freemason grand lodges including the order of The Knights of Templar, the Vatican has an obelisk that sits in the center of St. Peters square, and London City which has one in the center of there city state which is called Cleopatra's needle. The two of these three obelisks were picked up and moved from Egypt to the center of the Vatican and London City.

These obelisks have a pretty astounding meaning behind them. In Ancient Egypt they were built to honor the pagan sun God Amen-Re. The Egyptians believed that this gods soul resided within these monuments. Egypt stead fastly became a worshipping nation of monotheism during the height of Amen’s worship. The worshippers of Amen believed that he was the God of all Gods. (Crystal pg 2) Yes there were other Gods in egyptian history but they believed that this was Amen who was just morphing into them.

If you have ever read the Old Testament im sure you will soon realize that it is riddled with the word amen through out. Many Christians and Jews believe this word to mean so be it but in Kings 1 vs 36 It states Amen as being the lord god of my lord. The word Amen literally means “the hidden one”. I find it to be a significant coincidence that the word amen is tucked away neatly in the word Old TesAMENt don't you? At this point you should be thinking to yourself why would the Vatican, a domain of pure christian values, have a monument in the center of all things christian, that symbolize the pagan Sun God Amen-Re of ancient Egypt?

Have you ever wondered why Israel and Palestine just continually fight over the same land? Do you really know the exact reasons for this war? Should you even care? Im here to tell you yes, you should care Israel (aka Palestine, aka Canaan) has been at the center of history for thousands of years and will continue to be at the center for thousands more. Israel was once populated by the Canaanite people who are the ancestors of the Palestinians.

Centuries ago there were an Asiatic class of migrant workers that came into Egypt in search of work. The Egyptians called These people the Habarews loosely translated to Hebrews but are identified as being the Hyksos people in both Ralph Ellis’s and Ahmed Osman’s books. The Hyksos eventually grabbed power of the Northern and middle part of Egypt and ruled for about 106 years.(Fox) At the end of there rule the Egyptian people did not want these foreigners to be the rulers of there land anymore so a civil war broke out. The Hyksos eventually fled to Canaan, conquered it, and renamed it Israel. In 135 AD the name was changed again by the Romans to Palestine. Obviously it was once again changed back to Israel after W.W.II.

Now if you look at the bible story of the exodus and compare new dates, that modern historians and authors such as David Rohl came up with on how to date Egyptian history, To those of the bible dates it becomes very apparent that these dates coincide with each other. If you take a closer look at the exodus and the Hyksos stories they are eerily similar in nature. Were the Hebrews really slaves in Egypt? And was Moses there Godly Guided profit that brought the Hebrew Jews out of slavery and made a massive migration to the land known as Canaan? Who really was Moses? Today's Modern scholars and archeologists claim that there is not one shred of physical evidence that Moses was a real person or that this Exodus ever took place. There is not one piece of physical evidence that any of the old testament bible characters were actually real. However, the parallel stories of ancient Egypt such as the Hyksos story has a copious amount of physical evidence that this really took place. (Ellis pg 64) It seems to me that the stories told in the Old Testament are that of actually stories of the the ruling pharaohs and there royal bloodline in Ancient Egypt. The Bible has cleverly covered up the connection between these parallels by mixing fact with mythical legends.

In the original bible story of the jews it all starts with a man



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