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Truth And Beauty Essay

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The novel Truth and Beauty by Ann Patchett, is built around the basis of friendship; however, this friendship is an extremely unique one. It is comprised of two writers who are completely different, and yet they are able to maintain their relationship despite the plight they encounter. They have compassion for one another, they empathize with each other, they trust each other for the most part,

are usually honest with each other, and love each other dearly. Each of these attributes is vital to a lasting friendship. Lucy Grealy and Ann Patchett are able to sustain their relationship regardless of the circumstances because they reciprocate these feelings and characteristics.

Despite Lucy having more problems, she still comforts Ann when it is needed. Lucy is able to look past her own difficulties and be a friend to Ann. When the "philanthropical advisor" uses the pretense of wanting to work with Ann because she is a good writer as an excuse to be close to her, Lucy listens and shares her anger. She does not forget to be a friend to Ann even though Lucy herself

has so many difficulties. Also, while both are struggling writers, Ann is there for Lucy while she strives to write her first book. Even though Ann is the novelist and Lucy is the poet, Ann helps and guides

her. In addition to Lucy's obvious physical afflictions, she also has problems with relationships with the opposite sex. While she seeks love and confuses it with sex, Ann holds her hand and shares her pain. Regardless of who is going through an ordeal, the other is always there to ease her distress. They are empathetic and compassionate to each other. They do not sympathize, because they both feel the other's pain.

Trust is a key contributor in a true friendship. As Lucy's drug habits progress, it grows increasingly difficult for Ann to continue to trust her. However, in regard to the other aspects of her life and

before she begins her downward spiral into a life as a junkie, Lucy may



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