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Truman Show

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Truman show

The 4 rules of the APA’s research guideline must be followed at all times during a research experiment. In the movie The Truman Show, these rules are bent and pushed aside for the main character of a hit tv show. Indeed a tv show in which he has no idea of his presence in. As all the people around him are actors in a massive studio set he lives on. The people running in everyday to watch the show are constantly watching Truman, not only do they all sit and watch a tv show but they all break the 4 rules.

The first rule is for the person being experimented to have the right to opt out of being researched. Since the beginning of Truman's life he has been placed into a tv show, where even his birth was documented as an episode. This from the start breaks the first rule of the research guideline people must follow. Further into the movie Truman begins to realize something isn't right, so he begins to try and leave his home and venture to Fuji. When in attempt to do so he is stopped several ways weather over booked flights to broken down busses. This was his attempt to get away while the people on set made it their goal to keep him in place. This taking away his right to opt out of the experiment.

The second rule states openness and honesty to once again the person being researched. At many points in the movie Truman builds suspicion of many things from the death of his father to even the normal events that take place in his regular day. When questioned all the actors who Truman is not aware of being, throw the question down and avoid answering with the truth and pull things together to sound logical. For example Truman believed to have seen his father and confronted his mother on it while her mother pushed away the thought of him still being alive and while his wife tells him to no longer bring it up and upset his mother.

Rule number 3 states to keep the information obtained to not be told and stay confidential. Nothing about the information that was taken from Truman was confidential, when he made a decision the whole world was making a decision with him. People knew his



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