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Truman Capote

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Essay Preview: Truman Capote

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* You are first introduced to the setting of the story and its history. It tells you about the atmosphere of the town, what the locals are like, and the places you can go. pgs. 3-5

* Mr. Clutters family background is discussed now. You are told about his appearance, the history of the River Valley Farm, his achievements, and that he is a well known citizen in Holcomb, and the neighboring county seat, Garden City. pgs. 5-6

* Mr. Clutter has a wife and four children, three girls and one boy. Bonnie, his wife, Eveanna, Beverly, and Nancy, the three girls, and Kenyon, the boy. pgs. 6-7

* Bonnie has a illness that everyone in town is aware of. She has been a psychiatric patient on and off for about twelve years. She has nervous attacks at random, which now is blamed on a vertebrae in her spine. pg. 7

* The Clutter family has taken off to Nancy's school to watch her perform in the school play Tom Sawyer. After the play, Nancy's boyfriend Bobby Rupp, is introduced. Mr. Clutter isn't too fond of Bobby because of his family's religion. The Clutters are Methodist, and the Rupps are Roman Catholic. pg. 7-8

* Perry is introduced at a diner waiting on his friend Dick to come pick him up. pg. 14

* Mrs. Katz calls Nancy to ask if she will show her daughter how to make a cherry pie. She had already planned to attend a 4-H meeting with her father, but told her that he would take Kenyon instead. pgs. 17-19



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