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True Love

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Ellen Weatherall, also referred to as Granny, is laying on her death bed at her daughter Cornelia's house. Going in and out of consciousness, memories are going through her head dominated by an ex finance, George. Hallucinating and reminiscing in her earlier years she thinks of her children, dead or alive, her husband (John) , but mostly of George. Being left at the altar left Ellen heart broken but still, not even on the day that she died, did Granny ever stop loving George.

One example of how it is clear that Ellen never stopped loving George is the fact that she kept all the letters he wrote her and all the letters she wrote him. While falling out of consciousness Granny is thinking about a box in her attic that is full of letters that George wrote her and that she wrote to him. She held onto these letters through all those years, and never got rid of them. She was scared that her children would find them after she died, so she thought to get rid of them once she became better. The fact that she was concerned that her kids would find them and possibly read them tells me that obviously there are some personal and heart opening thoughts on those papers which she was scared for her children to see. If she didn't love George anymore she would have thrown those letters away like they were old newspapers. But she clung on to them along with her feelings. Everyone is like this, though. I still have all the pictures and letters that my ex-boyfriend and I wrote to each other. When a person can't hold on to the person they love, instead they try to replace it with objects. This is exactly what Granny did. Since she no longer had George she had to hold on to the letters, showing she still loved him.

Another example of how it is obvious that Granny is still in love with George is when she is announcing her last words to Cornelia. Screaming out to her, Ellen tells Cornelia to make sure she tells George that she is happy. She wants him to know she established her own life without him, her own family, a loving husband, and a beautiful life. It is almost like she is trying to convince George and even herself that she was fine without him. If Granny was over George she wouldn't being leaving with her last words directed



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