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Is Teenage Love True Love?

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Essay Preview: Is Teenage Love True Love?

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Is teenage love puppy love? Is it trial love? Is it true love? It seems that most teenagers are getting involved with members of the opposite sex as a form of entertainment.

There are some views from parents. Some of them say falling in love is a bad thing for teenagers. They are not mature and they may get hurt when love is over. And it will take several months to recover. More serious is that they may have sex when in love. Due to their ages, they don’t have any capability to assume responsibility for it if the girls to be pregnant, especially the girls’ parents complain. Because generally the girls, which are pregnant, will be the victims of the love affair. So some parents may warn their children about ignoring their lifelong true friends for someone who was just passing through.

But I think that these parents just have very short memories and no longer recall the realities of love while they were teenagers.

Teen love is quite real because of their innocent young mind. The purpose of love is pure, not because of money, power or status, or some other things have nothing to do with love. The motive of loving starts from human beings. Love is the fact of life, especially for teenagers. It is the thing that is important and central to human existence. It is not like the lights or some other electrical goods can be turned on and off. It is involuntary and automatic.

The reality is that Puppy love is something that can be remembered to the end of our lives. I've heard many people on TV talk how they will never forget their first love. And lots of people even have happily married still have a small flame that burns for their first true loves. Is there something magically about that? Maybe that's because it taught them how to love.

Love is something that can be extremely confusing and frustrating. I know that as a teenager love was extremely confusing and frustrating to me. The only way to begin to get a handle on love and to begin to understand it better is to try to tackle it one piece at a time. We may think about people of the opposite sex, fantasize about people of the opposite sex, dream about people of the opposite sex, wonder about people of the opposite sex;



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