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True Event In Colorful Film

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Movies are like spirit food in our current life. People mostly go to watch movies in weekend, and people never stop watching them. Even somebody do not go to movie theater, they still go to buy DVD and enjoy it at home. Why do people like to watch films? Because of the sexy idols, famous Oscar, or delicious popcorn, those reasons probably are right answers to people. If there is a real case involves in a film, people will easily believe it, clearly remember it, and crazily love it. Perhaps, the answers will not be related to the reasons just appeared before. There is only a common answer to give to. Films are more interesting when they are based on true event.

Films show more imaginations than facts. When we are watching cinemas, our attentions always caught by several kinds of emotions. For example, actorÐŽ¦s thinking, dreaming, or feeling are deeply touching our minds. Even I try to dream to have a French kissing with my female coworker who is sitting next to me, she can not actually see what I dream about. Otherwise, I will be put in jail, or people can see free movies from different persons. Also, gun fire, drug using, or lovely hug are emphatically made in films. We do not see people got deadly shot, and using less two minutes to finish their final dialogs. Therefore, filmmaker intentionally create those imaginations and relate to true stories, and using them to satisfy millions of audiences around the world.

Background music dramatically enhances cinemas. Imaging that there is no music in a movie. Probably, people will not enjoy the movie very much. Obviously, music is like an invisible scene full of the screen. Basically, different kind of background music follows the changing of action. For instance, when cars are racing, music always come out like excitedly. Also, when people are crying in films, sad music always make audiences want to share their hot tears with tragedy. Those music controls or increases peopleÐŽ¦s feeling like up and down waves when they are watching movies. Back to our real life, when you happily get an grade A from your professor, there is no any music running for your excellent result. There is only one possibility that you can enjoy the successful music for your grade A, getting an I- Pod to make your



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