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True Color Reflection Paper

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Name: Yijie Fu

Instructor: Dr. Milton G. Newberry, III

Class Schedule: MWF 9:05 AM- 9:55 AM

True Color Reflection Paper

My true color is gold. It roughly tells me that I am a dependable, sensible, organized and caring people. I believe gold fits my personality perfectly. At work, I am a conservative employee, trying to make everything organized, precise and on time. In family, I always follow what my parents ask me to do and respect their authority. After leaving University of Georgia, knowing my true color characteristics can also help me in family life, work life and life with friends as well as strangers since the results let me know what my personality is and what I am good at and bad at.

Last summer, I worked with a team with four other people for a class project. I was the first people trying to contact other team members in order to start our project as early as possible to make sure we could finish it of high quality and on time. It shows my characteristics “dependable” and “punctual”. In addition, after initiating the project, I got my tasks and I wrote down what I needed to do and when I had to finish each task. I finally strictly followed the list and schedule to finish my parts of this project. It reflects that I intend to make everything organized and I believe “work comes before play” (true color assessment).

I am always thinking about where I am going after leaving the University of Georgia. This color assessment helps me realize that I value home and family. I will probably want to find a job in the city where my parents are living in. As I am a caring person, I also want to be able to spend some time to take care of them. This is what I learn from true colors for future family life.

For my future work life, due to the facts that I am a conservative person and expect for a stable life. It seems that starting my own business does not fit me. I think working for a company is good for me. Since I am a finance-major student, becoming a financial analyst is a suitable for me. Financial analysts need to be punctual, dependable and organized because they handle very complex and detailed works every day and no mistakes are tolerable. I am confident that I can achieve success in my financial analyst career.



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