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Truck Ride

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The Truck Ride

How could I get around this, at first I thought it was just another ride. I thought it would be like every other weekend with the band. We dropped off the gear at Devine Providence, and then went to lunch. This weekend was different instead of driving with Justin, who I've know for a while. I was with the rest of the band, the guys I didn't know well Mark, Joe, Kyle and Blake. These were some of my new friends, people who didn't really know me. These were the guys I wanted to impress, make them think I'm cool. So after lunch we had two or three hours to kill before we could go back for a the show. So in the parking lot we descided to go to the hockey game at St. Marys watch Mark's brother play. Justin and Jimmy decided to go back to Justin's house and play Playstation.

So we loaded into Kyle's pick-up truck his 2003 Ford F150 Supercrew. Blake is Kyle's older cousin, he is 23 years old, he was going to drive. Kyle was in the passenger seat, and in the back was Mark to my left and Joe to my right.

We pull out of the parking lot, and go down Wolfe Rd. We drive to Mark's house and get a cooler ready sowe have drinks after the show later that night. Then we make are way towards St. Marys, but then all of a sudden we pull into the forest preserve. Which was kind of random because I didn't think we had to do anything there. Then out of the corner of my eye I see Kyle pull a pipe out of his backpack, and then I realised what ever was going to happen wasn't going to be good. So I started getting nervous, I was paranoid. I started looking around more, searching for a way out of this. Blake asks everyone if they minded if he smoked, so I thought he ment a cigarette. I don't mind cigarette smoke so i go and say,"no, go ahead I don't care." Blake pulls out a small bag of pot, and gives it to Kyle telling him to pack "the one hit wonder." Kyle crammed the pipe full of pot and passed it to Blake. Blake lit it up, Kyle turned up the cd player. It just happed to be Pennywise's song, "Lets go smoke some pot." Joe lit a cigarette and rolled down his window. By this time Kyle had already hit the pipe and was passing it to Mark, then I figured out I was next. Mark starts to pass me,"the one hit wonder." It seemed like everyone in the car was focused on me, Kyle says,"come on man do it hit it once it won't do any thing." This is where my dilemma comes in. What was I going to do?

I knew if I tried smoking pot that i'd probably regret it for a while. I mean I had a lot to lose. I knew if my parents found out that I smoked pot, they would kill me. I would be grounded for weeks if not months. What if my younger brother found out? I would let him down, he looks up to me. Another major thing was, that I had just gone to Snowball a few weeks before this. At Snowball we talked about being substance free and what drug use can do to someone. Also two days before this my friend Jill and I made a promise to eachother to be substance free, and I'm the kind of person that



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