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Huffman Trucking Operating Systems

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Huffman Trucking Operating Systems

э Huffman trucking is a national transportation company with logistical hubs around эthe nation strategically located in Bayonne, New Jersey, St. Louis, Missouri, and Los эAngeles, California; with a centrally located maintenance facility and marketing эheadquarters in Cleveland Ohio (Huffman Trucking, 2005). The company maintains эdatabase records of important information, which include driver information, driving logs, эdriver-moving violations, parts inventory purchases, parts inventory used, parts эcatalogues, parts purchasing history, vendors, vehicle maintenance, tire maintenance, эmaintenance descriptions, vehicle types, vehicle details, and maintenance work orders ээ(Huffman Trucking, 2005). The overall operating systems architecture does not have эstandardization between the sites. The company has two main operating systems at the эMissouri and Ohio locations and the operating systems at the New Jersey and California эlocations are significantly smaller in scope, which indicates that the company does less эbusiness at the sites with the smaller infrastructure. The operating software and network эdevices are antiquated with a vintage from the mid-eighties to the early nineties with little эsupport available from the companies that produced the products.э

Major Logistical Hubs

э The two main locations of the company located in Missouri and Ohio use a Token эRing Network Admin/OPS, IPX/SPX Protocol, Cisco router, Cisco 10mb Hub, Cisco эSwitch, CAT five wiring, Novel 4.11 (NOS), Novel Border Manager, Apple-TAK ээ(Graphics & Design), Lotus Notes RS, Netscape Corporate Browers, Norton Antivirus эCorporate Edition, and ArcServe Backup Software in the office area (Huffman Trucking, ээ2005). The plant areas use a Token Ring Network, TCP/IP Protocol, Cisco 10 mb Hub, эCAT 3 wiring, Wyse Terminals, and Wireless Barcode Scanners in the facilities. Both эlocations also use a firewall and an Avaya Digital Phone Systems with a T1 line for the эconnection to the Internet (Huffman Trucking, 2005). Individual workstations throughout эthe different work areas have Win 2K Pro or Win XP Pro as the terminal operating эsoftware.э

Small Logistical Hubs

э The two smaller locations in California and New Jersey have similar operating эsystems in the office areas, but have different operating systems architecture in the plants. эBoth office locations use a Bus Topology, TCP/IP, no router, switches or hubs, PBX эTelephone system with intercom, no voice mail, no caller ID, CAT 3 wiring, Windows ээ3.X and 9.X Environment, NS Web Server (Stand-Alone), no firewall, AOL mail service, эand a 28.8 modem Internet connection (Huffman Trucking, 2005). The various individual эworkstations use Win 98, Win 95, and Win 3. The California plant uses an Ethernet эNetwork Admin/Ops, TCP/IP protocol, Bay Network router, Bay Network 100 mb Hub, эCAT 5 wiring, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Exchange 5, and Windows Proxy Server ээ2 (Huffman Trucking, 2005). The individual workstations use Win 2K, Win XP Pro, Mac эWorkstations, and an outsourced human resource service connected with a T1 line. The эnetwork connection to the other locations is with a Frame Relay to the Internet. The New эJersey



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