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Translate Business Needs Into Technical Requirements

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Essay Preview: Translate Business Needs Into Technical Requirements

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Translate Business needs into technical requirements

Interview Structures Activity


1) What are structured and unstructured interviews?


The interviewer asks the same series of questions in the exact or to a number of people. It is important that the interviewer asks the questions in an identical sequence and manner with each individual that is being interviewed


In an unstructured interview, the questionnaire may contain a simple list of topics that the interviewer would like to discuss and research. There is no real order of questioning. The questions are open-ended (phrased in a way that encourages the interview subject to provide an elaborate question. The interview will often ask follow up questions to gather more in-depth, detailed answers.

2) What are pyramid, funnel & diamond interview techniques?


Begins with very detailed, often closed questions, then the questions are expanded by allowing open-ended questions and more generalized responses. The pyramid technique is useful if interviewees need to be warmed up to the topic or seem reluctant to address the topic.


Begins with very detailed, often closed questions, and then concludes by narrowing the possible responses by using closed questions. The Funnel structure provides an easy, non-threatening way to begin the interview. Funnel interviews are useful when the interviewee feels emotionally about the topic.

Diamond Structure:

The diamond-shaped structure begins in a very specific way, then more general issues



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