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Trail Of Tears

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Trail of Tears

I am an Indian. I live, or should I say lived, in the great territory of Florida. But now I am walking down a long dusty road to who knows where. I can't believe that these damn white people are making me walk this far, and to top it off my wife has died of starvation. I can't help but blame myself because I am the one that said not to bring food. How was I supposed to know where we were going, and also how was I to know that we would be walking so far. And out of now where these white people and their stupid horses and stupid guns and stupid uniforms came to make us move. I don't know who sent these people, but if I ever see that guy I swear I will take him out.

The weather is hot and I can't stop but thinking that I am going to end up like my poor unfortunate wife. My feet are covered in blisters and I am so thirsty I will drink anything right now. I'm starving and these people on horses do not care at all. All day long they just keep saying the same stuff, "Get up!" and "Keep it moving!" How am I supposed to care what they think when I have lost my wife, my home, my family, and all my belongings? Who do these people think they are?

Finally, after a long, long time I am one of the few that "made it". I don't know if I should've made it, because it is horrible here. There is no way I can grow crops here, or even think about living here. I cannot believe that I walked so far for this crap.



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