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One Tear That Meant The World

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I have always enjoyed having a best friend that was male. Whether we were swimming, jogging, fishing, or just talking for hours, I never got bored. We balance one another. I will never forget the day I lost that all. The day my best friend left ended up touching me the most.

When I stepped outside, the pavement felt like ice, yet the air had a warm breeze to it. It was a gorgeous August day. Not a single worry mingled in the air. The birds were chirping long, beautiful melodies. Melodies I had heard many mornings that summer. They sang when it was going to be a wondrous day. Nothing seemed wrong to anyone except to me. Today, my birthday, August first, my best friend was leaving for the Navy. He was going to serve our country. For six dreadful years, I'd have to live without him. The only communication would be a few cards and letters and one long distance call. This day reminded me of those long rainy days, the days where the clouds blocked out the suns bright rays of sunlight.

The clock finally struck four and it frightened me because the sweet sound of the clock seemed loud and harsh. It sounded kind of like I was in a horror movie. I dreaded walking across the street to say good bye to my dear friend, but I knew I had to go. As I walked across the street it seemed like a mile. My legs ached and my throat was dry. I could hear the pattering of my feet on the pavement and the thud of my heart racing about ninety miles a minute. I just wanted to run up to him and beg him to stay, but I knew I couldn't do that. I finally walked up to him and started to cry. I cried as though I had lost someone close to me, but I hadn't. There was a part of me that was dying. My heart was aching and I couldn't stop it. I hugged him for five minutes, but it only seemed like seconds. My tears started to disappear. He let me know how much he'd miss me and how he couldn't believe he was leaving. I could feel the tears starting to come



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