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Total Quality Management

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Essay Preview: Total Quality Management

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Music is a universal language. Anywhere in the world you can hear styles of music indigenous to that place. Pop and punk music are two very common types of music in America. Two totally different sounds, but both can conjure up an array of emotions from its listener. Happiness, sadness of a loss, joy, anger, aggression and sorrow are some emotions that a song can bring out of a person. Music is an expression of both the artist and the listener. We feel what the musician is expressing. We look up to and sometimes try to emulate the artist. Some music can sound engaging to the ears, and sometimes music can sound like nails on a blackboard. It all depends on what the listener enjoys.

Anarchy rules to the truest punk-rocker. The attitude is anti-law, anti-peace and anti-politics. This is expressed in literally every punk song. Aggression and anger are two feelings that are associated with this style of music. You will get the feeling that punk-rockers are flipping their middle finger up at society; and they are. Punk music has messages that the listener will hear if they truly listen. Some people think it is a bunch of noise and someone screaming at the top of his or her lungs, but there is always a message to be heard. Politics, organized religion and disorder are the usual characteristics of punk music. To question society and think about the world we live in is the basic point that they are trying to get across. Nothing is glittering or wonderful, unlike pop music. Punk music is the anti-pop music.

Pop music tends to be the appealing, bright side of music. Even if the artist is expressing sadness or sorrow, they always have certain type of happiness about them. The lyrics to a pop song do not truly need much thought. The whole song can basically be figured out in the bubble gum wrapped chorus. The pop artist, however, is more personable to the listener because they sing about something everyone can relate to. Breaking



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