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Total Quality Management Survey

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Total Quality Management

Organizations strive to ensure that their customers receive quality products and are satisfied with the service they receive. They realize this is a very important factor toward having a successful business. The first step toward achieving success is ensuring that the organization has a Total Quality Management concept included in their goals, objectives, and development of the strategic plans.

In this survey, I will explain the value of quality as it relates to customer satisfaction. I will also explain the need for customer-driven quality for each organization I have chosen. A matrix is included to show the difference between the strategic roles of the organizations. The last portion of this paper will discuss the important role of leadership relating to quality based on Total Quality Management.

Jiffylube provides service for customer vehicles. Their overall goal is to provide their customers with the best service possible that will preserve the health and the value of their vehicle (p.1). Whenever a customer's car is serviced at Jiffylube, the car is treated as if it belonged to one of the employees. Jiffylube ensures that all technicians are trained and certified to perform the services provided at Jiffylube. They understand that a satisfied customer becomes a regular customer that will recommend others to their establishment. Their TQM style is in every Jiffylube store across America which consists of quality inspection techniques.

Doris (2000) mission statement for Pampered Chef states:

We are committed to providing opportunities for individuals to develop their God-given talents and skills to their fullest potential for the benefit of themselves, their families, our customers, and the company. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of family life by providing quality kitchen products supported by service and information for our Consultants and customers. (p. 2)

This non-profit business was founded by Doris Christopher, Founder and President. She believed individuals deciding to become consultants with Pampered Chef could build their new business adventure with confidence because she was committed to ensuring they had all the necessary training and tools to achieve success.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a federal government organization providing service to the public by processing their requests for claims and benefits nationwide. The goals for SSA are to provide high-quality, superior stewardship, achieve and meet the needs of current and future generations, and strategically manage and align a staff that supports the mission. The staff must share the vision and understand the goals. Therefore, communication is essential to the success and results of this important social program because services are provided to the public by several different methods and is vital to services provided by the employees.

Training is paramount for each organization as it relates to customer-driven quality. An organization cannot obtain success if their employees lack the knowledge and understanding to perform their daily duties. A strategic plan defining the goals and objectives and communicated throughout the entire organization improves quality and services provided to the customer. Ensuring that customers are given quality service and products is an investment that produces loyal and satisfied customers while increasing the reputation for the SSA.

All services provided by Jiffy Lube are performed by technicians trained to complete oil changes, perform maintenance checks or other needed services according to the manufacturer of the vehicle. Technicians receive up to date training to maintain proficiency on services provided at Jiffy Lube.

Pampered Chef makes every effort to help Consultants and their Directors obtain success in their business. A welcome booklet is given to all new consultants outlining all the steps toward obtaining a successful business adventure. Training and all required materials are given to all Consultants to prepare for hosting their kitchen or catalog shows. Consultants are provided all materials and training necessary to perform their presentations and ensure that customers are given quality service during a kitchen or catalog show. They are taught the value of following up with their customers to ensure customers are happy and satisfied with the products and service provided. Pampered Chef's goal is to ensure that all customers are receiving quality service from all those representing their business.

The Social Security Administration is committed to providing quality service to their customers at all times. The Commissioner supports this concept and provides leadership with empowerment to perform their duties and



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