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Too Much of a Good Thing Critique

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Essay Preview: Too Much of a Good Thing Critique

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In his article “Too Much of a Good Thing” Greg Crister talks about obesity and specifying children in particular. He shed light on the increase of obese and the importance of criticizing the bad eating diets and not the individuals. Finally he presented the role of parents in the children’s eating habits and the importance of controlling the right quantity of food provided for the children. Even though the author was right at some points but he didn’t pay attention of the difference between criticism and respect he also ignored the role of parents as role models for their kids and finally mislead the importance of quality vs. quantity when it comes to children’s diet.

It is very important to achieve critical criticism no matter what the issue we face. In his article Greg ensured that we should not criticize the overweight people but criticize their eating habits, but he misunderstood the concept of respect with the concept of criticism. Obese people should be criticized and not their eating habits due to the direct effect of this action on them. As long as there is respect and objectivity in criticism it will be positive and will not affect the self-esteem of the individual.

Another issue was the role of parents in eating habits of their children where Crister thought that parents should let their children decide what to eat and then he presented the importance of parental guidance in the food choice of the children. Somehow he was right but by observing nowadays generations it’s clear that just guidance won’t do well but some time a little bit of force can be effective. The author also forgot the important role of parents as role models of the kids thus guidance is not enough parents should improve their diets to affect their children and present a good image of how to be healthy.

As the author said in his article we should not provide our kids with excess amount of food. I strongly agree children are not pig banks were we should feed I until it’s full, on the other hand it’s always about the quality and not the quality! What’s the point if we fed our kids a balanced meal but with low quality of nutrients that doesn’t fulfill their growth requirements?!

Finally, criticism never crashes any person’s self-esteem if done right and with respect, parents should be good role models before guiding their children on what to eat and finally they should be aware of the fact that quality is better than quantity when it comes to food, especially children’s diet; the author ignored all those mentioned. So at last we should all be aware of what we eat because obesity is a serious epidemic that strikes every one despite the age! So awareness should be raised in the society to have a safe and healthy environment.



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