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Tony Soprano Vs The Modern Corporation

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Essay Preview: Tony Soprano Vs The Modern Corporation

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1. Introduction

2. Tony Soprano: The CEO

a. Planning

b. Organizing

c. Leading

d. Controlling

3. Soprano "Family": The Corporation

a. Organization

b. Operations Management

c. Accounting

d. Sales and Marketing

4. Internal and External Environment

a. Internal Environment

b. External Environment

Role and Personality traits: Much like a CEO no order can be made without his approval. He commands both the respect and power much like a CEO. All earnings the company makes he gets the first piece of the profit. He is very controlling, and when he sees something he likes he takes it. Example When Ralph buys a race horse (Pie oh my) and it starts to become succesful, Tony starts taking control, caring after the horse and making all the major decision involved with the horse. Ralph who is going through a tough time at home with his child in critical condition, eventually kills the horse. What does Tony do? He kills Ralph. Much like a CEO would fire his employee.

Threats they cause to Society: Suprisingly the mob can be quite good to the society they live in, the Sopranos Donate $5000 to AJ's school every year and they also donated 50000 to Columbia Univeristy the School that Meadow Attends. They are proud of the culture and were looking to preserve the name of Christopher Columbus. They are always willing to do favors for those around them like when Paulie attempts to get his long time landscaper the land that was taken away from him back from Feech .It's when society comes looking to them that trouble occurs, when David Scatino comes looking to play in there card game and then loses, Tony takes no pity on the man, taking his SUV and running his business into bankruptcy. Same can be said for Artie, who takes out a $50000 loan from tony, when he is unable to pay him back, Tony being a friend decides he can repay him by eating at his restaurant for free and whiping his $6000 tab.

Planning: When the feds are hot on Tony and his Captains trails with indictment charges, Tony comes up with the ultimate plan of where to keep there money and valuables. He has all of his men put there mothers in the same nursing home and the keep all there money in there mother's closets. Knowing full well that the feds would never go to a nursing home to look for the money.

He's always good at where he meets people to discuss business, they're always alone in very random areas where it would be impossible for a bug to be in place or in locations where they have good relations with the people and know they will give him privacy. i.e the doctors office with Junior, his lawyers office, Artie's Restaurant, Adrianna's Club.

He is also doing a good job of planning for the future, as he is tailoring Christopher to become his second in command. In the later seasons, Tony many of Tony's orders either go through Sylvio or Christopher ensuring that he cannot be traced to any of the decisions being made about business.


Tony is always in charge of making sure that the right men are in the right position. Whether it be because certain people are due for a promotion to captain or simply because they are one of the best earners, It's Tony who decides how it will be organized. When we learn that Pussy has been the informant to the FBI, Tony has no other choice but to kill his long time friend. With his death however left an opening in the family for a Captain which he appointed to Christopher, Tony felt his time has come and Christopher had paid his due to become a Captain. Another time this came into play is when Richie Apriele is killed by Tony's Sister leaving another void that needed to be filled. In this case, Tony decides to give the duties to Ralph, not because he likes him, he hates him, but because he's a good earner for Tony and because its still a business, it's the most important thing that matters to him.

He is also in charge of the organization of any family parties. When Tony Blundetto is released form prison after serving a long prison term it is Tony who throws him a giant party. Same can be said when Paulie is released for his gun possession

charge, Tony throws him a party at the Bada bing even remembering Paulies favorite song. Acts of gesture like this is what keeps all his members happy and his organization in tact.

Leading: Whenever there is a problem that needs to be settled between captains, it is Tony who must take charge. When Paulie feels he's getting the short side of the deal with Ralph and the construction project, Tony is asked for a sit down to settle the matter once and for all. This is not a rare occurrence for Tony as he looked for in his leadership all the time. When Paulie and Christopher get lost in the woods with the Russian, the first person they turn to is Tony. Who eventually finds them and leads them out of the woods.

He is also must lead by example, striking fear in all those around him ensuring that no one has the idea of taking the power reigns from him. He is also forced to make the most difficult decision of them all when he decides who lives and who dies in certain circumstances. When he orders the hit on Johnny Sack which is later called off, it showed that he had the moxy and the bravery to order a hit on the second hand man of the New York underworld.

Controlling: Tony understands that any decision any of his captains make reflects on him. A decision they make, is essentially a decision he made. For this reason, Tony is very controlling of all operations that go on in the family. Nothing can be done without his permission and he decides who gets what jobs and how much of the take they get to keep.

Family Organization: : "the Boss": Tony Soprano, "Captains" the main ones would be Christopher Paulie and Silvio. In the organization right now, Silvio would be viewed as the vice president, second in command. He helps Tony make decisions and most of the order goes through



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