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Tom Sawyer

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Essay Preview: Tom Sawyer

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In this overview of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer the author is Mollie Sandock. This article was published in 1994 by St. James press. Mollie’s source for this article is Reference Guide to American Literature, 3rd ed. which was edited by Jim Kamp.

This article tells how most of the adventures that Mark Twain writes about events that actually occurred. Most of the events were the authors very own experiences. The article explains Mark’s difficulty with deciding if it will be a children or adult book. As the book was written Twain decided the book was going to be for kids and adults. It is not hard to tell that in the book Tom is a mischievous, and sly young boy. He takes his boring home in St. Petersburg and unfolds it into wonderful imaginations of his dreams.

This article has many different meanings. It tells how the book states as Tom is growing up he is a trouble maker, but as he grows into a young man he becomes a good person. One of Tom’s best friends growing up is Huck Finn. Just because Tom was a normal little boy he still had a crush on Becky Thatcher. The book is kind of the opposite of “Sunday -school literature” which featured good children who were rewarded. Before Tom Sawyer Twain wrote numerous books some which were about kids who were bad and did not change. This article states many of the different adventures that happened.

I believe in Mollie Sandock’s article she clearly covers the main points of the book. The article succeeds in helping understand the book more thoroughly. It affected me in the way of better helping me understand the story, and bringing some main points out. If I were asked about this book I would recommend the person reading Mollie’s article.



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