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Tom Sawyer

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1. Tom Sawyer was a young boy living on the Mississippi River in the mid 1800s. While his adventures are entertaining and give a glimpse into the world of the time, it also gives people a glimpse into the human nature.

Well I admire him because he is fun loving and finds creative ways to get stuff done. Like when he has to whitewash the fence and he convinces all the other boys to pay him to do his work, that was clever! I would never have thought of that! I would have most likely been wining and complaining, then I would have asked for help, but most of the time I don't think many people would help me, so I would have had to whitewash the whole fence me self. When I say he's fun loving I mean that all he really wants to do is have fun, and he can make almost anything fun.

Well I think in the in the book Tom seems most real, because when you read its like you are seeing it threw his eyes you know all that is happening in his head. At points it almost seems like you are him, while you're reading. When you are watching a movie, it is good and you can really get into, but you know that they are just actors and you're just watching someone else it doesn't feel like you're really in there. So it's just not the same, not as good!

I really don't think I would want Tom Sawyer as a friend, because I think he would probably be the type of person who really got on my nerves easily. Because he like never calms down and just chills! I like my down time I need a little while every day to just relax and do nothing at all! But he always acts like he's hyper all time, and that is really obnoxious in real life! Its fun to read in the story because he is always doing something, so interesting like the whole time, but like I said people like that in real life are really quite annoying!

2. Complete freedom does not bring happiness.

To me complete freedom will be when I am twenty one years of age and will legally be an adult and be able to do anything I please at any time. Well yes I would go to school but I would only go to classes I am interested in I would only take classes that have to do with what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe I would take other classes like art classes because I enjoy them, and they would give me something to with my spare time. Plus it is really important for me to go to school so I can play softball! I want to play softball for another six years at least! Two more years of high school ball, then I want to play another four years at college! My life would be different because I probably wouldn't have near as much homework as I do now! There would really only be math homework and I really like math so that would be okay, especially if that was my only homework, because then I could just do it and be done! I wouldn't be mentally exhausted by the time I got to because of all my other stupid homework like I am now! I am actually behind in math now because I have so much homework in other classes that sometimes I just don't get to it, so it would be really nice if that's all I had to do cause then I wouldn't be behind at all.

Yes I do think I would be happy! I really do cause that's how people get happy, by doing whatever they want! I wouldn't even live in Roosevelt if I could do whatever I want! I would move out to Salt Lake City and play softball for a really big high school and live with all of my really good friends from out there! Cause I really don't have many friends here in Roosevelt. So yes I would be really happy because I know I would be really busy all the time and having fun!

3. The goodness of an individual cannot be measured by social opinion alone.

A person is good when they do things for others and they don't only care about themselves, and they do not break laws, and they just do good things. Like taking care of others watching out for people and stuff like that.

A good kid for teachers is one that doesn't disrupt the class definitely not the class clown! They do their work they treat others well, they don't make fun of other kids and they are really nice to everyone. To parents a good kid is one who does what they are told they don't go get themselves into trouble



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