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Tok Essay

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Theory of Knowledge Essay

""Words are more treacherous and powerful than we think." evaluate to extent to which the characteristics Sartre claims for words affect - negatively or positively different areas of knowledge."

"A word is a unit of language that carries meaning and consists of one or more morphemes which are linked more or less tightly together, and has a phonetical value. Typically a word will consist of a root or stem and zero or more affixes. Words can be combined to create phrases, clauses, and sentences. A word consisting of two or more stems joined together is called a compound." that is meaning of the "word" and tells clearly what is a word or what can be. A word or a couple of words are the only thing what we need to have to tell what we think or what we want to say.

Some people think very easy, means have easy thoughts and ideas. When these people have a problem with anything in their life they need to solve this problem and to solve the problem first they need to focus on problem and think what the basic cause is. If they cannot solve, the problem has to be told to someone to be solved by someone instead of them. When the problem is being told, if the words are not enough to tell to another person , It is understood wrongly and because of that, problem could be got bigger than the normal. This happens because of wrong using or lack of using of words.

Language is living with word. That is something like a cameraman without a camera. Cameramen cannot do anything without his camera; he only can do this job so he always needs a camera to survive. And a language also needs so many words to be spoken very easily in everywhere. If language is spoken in very different places in a large area that shows this language is has a large word capacity and much easier than the other languages to understand. Words are determining the quality of language. When a person using this language tries to tell a thought, a story or him or herself in a right way, words have to be enough for the person . He should be expressing himself very easily.

Words look so easy for a look but that is not actually true. Words are not always easy, also words are actually keeping very complicated and deep meanings or their job is difficult. You know word "yes" an easy looking word at the first looking but yes maybe the answer of a very difficult agreement or a decision. At the same time it can be the answer of a very easy question like are you okay? Or are you with me? Are you going to come there at time? Can you borrow me money. But also as it has been said before the answer could be given for a very hard question which is very difficult to make a decision. The question maybe asked by a doctor for a person which can only live by helpings of machines twenty four hours, to make euthanasia for the sick person. No decision for this question, Yes, means you can kill the person I have that responsibility for him and I know that is the only right thing I can do for him so you can turn the machines off and kill him. No, it means you cannot kill the sick person because he has rights and the first and the most important of them is living right. If you say Yes you will be decided to end a life, If you say No, you will keep him having in big pains due to life but if there will not be a miracle and he cannot be okay and the person will kill with his pains. You cannot know what is going to happen in the future so you would be in a deep situation YES or NO. Just two words but very difficult to say something. As it could be seen in the example a word may be bringing very deep situations in it so some times that to say an easy word becomes the most difficult thing on the world.

A fight usually starts because of a couple of words and ends again with a couple of words. In any place, in any speech between two men, because of a couple of words, one of the men gets crazy and angry so he cannot control his emotions and his voice tone suddenly increases. This affects the opposing side and other man increase his voice tone too. Then they both lose their control and physically fight starts. After physically fight started, this process is very important because word power can be seen after this point very clearly. Because words are detecting our emotions,



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