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To What Extent Is Economic Migration A Threat Or A Blessing To Developed Countries?

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Essay Preview: To What Extent Is Economic Migration A Threat Or A Blessing To Developed Countries?

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We can not analyse the advantages or disadvantages of migration without define in the first place what is understood by this phenomena Migration is the movement of people from one place in the world to another , due to vital reasons for a better quality of life : political reasons and economic reasons We know certainly two basic trends which are the base for migration The first is Global Population growth and second The global shift in employment First one is referring to the global population which has deep roots in the past and is concern with the problem of birth and death occurring each day It is estimate that the world population is continuing to increase starting from the year 1950 ( 3 billion) and nowadays in 2007 (6 billion) according with the statistics realised by the Census Bureau The second trend is related to the economic reasons and we will focus on them , being the principal theme for this report

The migration phenomena has started a long time ago in the past We have various data from which we can observe this. For example after the Second World War a large mass of Jewish people migrated to America ( due to Jewish pogroms). America was seen and still is like a country вЂ?of all possibilities’ a country where вЂ?all the dreams came true’ speaking figurate of course. In 1990 we can observe a wave of economic globalisation in the labour force coming from the countries like south вЂ" east Asia The process of global economic expansion is due to the market forces , related to demand and supply of labour The most countries from where the people migrate are underdeveloped countries where the majority of wages are low paid For that reasons people prefer to work in the western countries where the wages are better for them and therefore they can save it and if they are returning in their countries they can do many thinks with the money earned ( because of the powerful currency of that money). For example they can built houses or they can open a business or can provide for their family a better environment or a higher education. In the economic words we labelled the people who migrate : cheap labour force We have an relevant example given by Lechner (2004) about the conditions in which same people must work In the industrial zone Petalying Jaya outside the Kuala Lumpur in a factory owned by the Motorola Plant Workers are in a condition of total alienation because it is mentioned’ The stream of woman keep eyes down and barely nodding вЂ?. Then we can see that the process of globalisation is presented here having a negative impact upon the people but a positive advantages for their countries of origin because can develop faster. Furthermore analysing the economic reasons of migration we can observe according to Paul Krugman (1999) that a lot of countries have experienced financial crisis. Then this countries because of inflation process are confronting with ( unemployment , low wages , underdeveloped economy) Most of this countries are Latin-Americans countries in specially Mexico. Therefore the most of the Mexicans are migrating in each year to USA. Was produced even a Mexican movie related to this subject in august 2004 вЂ? Un dia sin Mexicanos’ ( A day without Mexicans) which present the actual reality in the USA Basically the вЂ?all NHS would simply collapse without them’ , the statistics shown that 31% practising doctors and 13% nurses are born outside the country.

Moreover we can notice that the problem of Global economy is in strong relation with the financial development. This fact is sustained by various writers We can mention here :John Ravenhill (2005) , David Blackwell (2007) who said that � a financial sound drives the economic growth � , and of course many more. According to the statistics presented by Ravenhill the poverty rate is in continuing expansion in Latin American countries, Sub Saharan Africa, and Middle East/North Africa

Old poverty New Poverty

Latin America 39.1% 49%

Sub Saharan Africa 15.3% 23.3%

Middle East/North Africa 1.9% 4.1%

The poverty rate is the proportion of the population living on less then Ð'Ј1 a day This implies the fact that the number of jobs will be lower and the unemployment will affect the country We will extent now the implications of migration in the most important western countries in the Europe , the main countries target to migration. We will start with Greece showing that the principal areas where people migrate are Corinthia,Chania, Ioannina. These are rural areas which concentrate the majority of migrants because of the need of seasonal cheap labour in the agriculture The flow of migrants came mainly from Central and Eastern European countries particularly : Albania, Bulgaria, Romania. The entry of the migrants was facilitated by the advantages of easily crossed borders. The majority of migrants are well-educated but they can hardly find an office job , then they will turn for other sectors like : construction, tourism , domestic services, which are more accessible for them in providing jobs According to Charalambas Kasimis (2005) we can see that in South compared with the rest of Europe the educated young persons have lower chances to find a job , and therefore they will migrate to the North. We can drawn the conclusion that the local population is agreed with the migration phenomena , then are positive implications for the country economy (The type of data gathered here are quantitative and qualitative). But we can observe and other point of view referring to migration , according to Liesbet Okkerse (2008). This time is a negative point of view in the way that вЂ?migration hurts the labour market opportunities of natives вЂ? with the help of the surveys realised using quantitative methods , we can see that one in two European citizen are afraid of the possibility of losing jobs due to foreign workers who will do the same jobs at a lower wages and therefore endanger the native wages It is a continuing increase in income and wage inequality. We are confronting with an unpredicted situation : the supply of unskilled workers more than supply of skilled workers. Also Liesbet Okkerse told us that the wages in Europe are relatively lower than the wages in USA mainly because of the faster economic development of the USA. Another opinion related to the migration is that the’ immigration control it is the exclusive responsibility of the government вЂ? according to Rodriguez Christina (2008). Another country where the migration is in continuing increase is Spain. With the help of the statistics we can see



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