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Time Saving Tips

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Library Passport – Part 3

Valerie Sefert

Introduction to Research in Accounting

Cynthia Davidson

May 14, 2015

Module 7- Time Saving Tips

        Module 7 showed us how to create a personal account within databases. This feature gives us access to some of the more advanced features within the database that make researching easier and help us to organize the information we find. The module provided us with a tutorial to walk us through the steps to setup a personal account for a database. We will be able to create folders, email alerts and RSS feeds. Another feature that is available to us is known subject terms or thesaurus depending on what database you are in. This will enable us to search articles on the same topic using slightly different wording.

        This module I feel provided some of the more useful information we have received to date to help with our research. One feature I know we will utilize is the folder feature. This feature will allow us to save searches we perform to a folder or we can also save specific articles to a folder for later reference. It also will allow us to create shared folders which will be useful if we are assigned group projects. We will be able to even create a folder for each specific assignment or class to help keep them organized. The other feature the module discussed that will benefit us is the citation generators. This will help to ensure we are properly citing articles in the APA format.

        Module 7 overall provided very useful information. The tutorial on how to setup the personal accounts will enable to easily take advantage of these features. I look forward to putting some of these features into practice such as the folder option and citation generators.

Module 8- Plagiarism and Citing

        Module 8 covers covers the topic of plagiarism and citing. This module was designed to make us familiar with Franklin’s policy on academic dishonesty. The actual policy is not detailed in the module but tells us to reference to it for the definition and penalties for charges of cheating or plagiarism. The best way for us to avoid plagiarism is to make sure we are citing our information if we repeat it word for word. Franklin has adopted the APA style in order to give students a set way to cite our sources. The module did give us various resources that are available to us to help with the APA formatting.



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