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Motivation In Times Of Change: Kwik Save A Case Study.

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Essay Preview: Motivation In Times Of Change: Kwik Save A Case Study.

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Motivation in times of change: Kwik Save a case study.


Darren Dixon




Submission Date Project Supervisor

23rd May 2005 Les Brooks

Student Declaration

BA (Hons) Management, Business and Administration

I hereby declare that:

This project is my own work. I have acknowledged material from the work of other people and I have clearly marked and given references to all quotations; and I permit a copy of the project to be made available in the College Library, for use of students and staff of the college.

Signed ..................................

Date ..................................


Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Acknowledgements

1.2 Background Information

1.3 Background of Kwik Save

1.4 Changes within retail environment

1.5 Aim and objectives of study

Chapter 2 Literature Review

2.1 Culture theories

2.2 Change theories

2.3 Resistance to change

2.4 Attitudes to change

2.5 Retail change theories

2.6 Motivation theories

2.6.1 Content theory

2.6.2 Maslow's hierarchy of needs

2.6.3 Alderfer's ERG theory

2.6.4 Herzberg

2.6.5 Newtons first law of motivation

2.6.6 CAS ratio

2.6.7 Mullins

2.6.8 Charles Handy

2.6.9 Mitchell

2.6.10 Social needs

2.6.11 Content (needs) theory

2.6.12 Goal theory

2.6.13 Instrumental goal theory

2.6.14 Process theory

2.6.15 Frustration induced behaviour

2.6.16 Factors influencing frustration

2.6.17 Money as a motivator

2.6.18 Motivation Variables

2.6.19 Hollyford and Whiddett

Chapter 3 Methodology

3.1 Qualative data

3.2 Secondary data

3.3 Primary research

3.4.1 Survey approach

3.4.2 Research techniques

3.4.3 Key Concepts

Chapter 4 Main Body

4.1 Findings - Employee questionnaire

4.2 Findings - Interview with store manager

Chapter 5 Conclusions and Recommendations

5.1 Management of Change

5.2 How are staff motivated in times of change?

5.3 Maintaining Motivation

5.4 Theory In The Workplace


Employees become de-motivated after a refit of a store within Kwik Save.

Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Acknowledgements

I would like to thank Les Brooks my project supervisor for his time and valuable contributions throughout the project, without this guidance this project would not have been achieved.

I would also like to thank all the employees of Kwik Save Consett, without their help in completing the questionnaires I would not have been able to produce any results. I would also like to thank the store manager Sean White for allowing me access to the store and for allowing me to interview him.

Lastly I would like to thank Gail Unsworth who helped and encouraged me through the HND without her inspiration I would not have got this far.

1.2 Background Information

The researcher currently works as a duty manager for a major retailer within the United Kingdom. The organisation is continually updating its stores; the researcher is often involved in this process within his current store as well as other stores within the organisation.

"Success, not just for survival, must be achieved in a world of intense competion, continued globalisation, and rapid technology change" (Schermerhorn, 1996) with continuing change being necessary for organisations it is important "the effective management of people is important for organisational survival and success". (MULLINS, L, J,. 2005, p _?_ )

"People are the main resource of any organisation" (MULLINS, L, J,. 2005, p ). "The efficiency of staff, their commitment to the aims of the organisation, and the skills and attitudes they bring to bear on the quality of service offered will undoubtedly affect the overall success of an organisation" (MULLINS, L, J,. 2005, p. _?_ )

So that an organisation can achieve success it is vital that they "aim to develop motivation processes and a work environment that will help



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