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The Vital Factor

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Vital Factor Script


The introduction of a story is the part of the story when the setting is provided to the reader. Vital factor begins with the main protagonist, Wayne Crowder, being introduced, The story takes place in the 1950’s in the usa (most likely). These things introduce the setting by letting you know some background information on crowder so you can have a feel for what he's going to be like.

Trigger Incident:

The trigger incident of a story is the part in time when something happens that incites the conflict of the story, in the case of vital factor the trigger incident of the story occurred when crowder decided he wanted to be the singular person to give spaceflight to mankind, this incited the conflict of the story because crowder did not have the proper engine to get his spaceship off of the ground.


The conflict of this the story is the fact that crowder, despite his vast amount of money, cannot achieve his goal of giving space flight to mankind as he doesn’t have the vital factor of sentiment to help him discover the proper engine to aid him in overcoming the massive force of gravity.This is an external conflict that is classified as individual versus nature, this is because crowder (the individual) cannot overcome the force of gravity (nature).


The climax of a story is the part in which the conflict is resolved and things are permanently changed. In vital factor the climax of the story is happens after wilkins gives crowder a plan for an engine, and Crowder’s ship is able to take flight finally leaving earth. This resolves crowders conflict of not being able to give spaceflight to mankind. Things will never be the same because the citIzens of earth now have the



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