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The Truth About Superman And Batman

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The Truth about Superman and Batman

Most Super Heroes are readily available to idolize. Superman and Batman are two of the most popular by far. Most kids would argue the differences between the two at the bus stop before or after school. One child would have a lunch box with Superman on it and the other a Batman backpack. Either child would give there facts on the good and the bad of their favorite. Superman and Batman are two Heroes with similar Crime Fighting qualities but yet very distinctive differences.

Superman by nature is the stronger of the two. He brings his super powers with him from the planet Krypton and uses the sun to recharge. Superman has no need for gadgets to help him fight crime; he relies on his strength and speed. Batman does his best to build and design any useful tools to help him. Batman also uses a utility belt that holds many different objects to aide him during a fight or an arrest.

All Super Heroes have an alter ego by day. Clark Kent, a mild mannered reporter for the Daily Planet; is Superman. Clark Kent wears glasses during the day to hide his identity from the world and anybody close to him. Compared to Bruce Wayne, posing as Batman, wears a mask to cover a portion of his face. Bruce Wayne, a multi millionaire, allows the closest of people like his butler to know his secret.



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