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The Truth About Simon

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Imagine being on your way out of the country, and ending up in a different location then planned. What would it be like being stranded on an Island with a group of boys and not being familiar with them at all? In the novel Lord of the Flies, this is the experience that an adolescent boy names Simon had to face. Simon was very helpful

private, and caring through out this journey on the island.

Helping is one of the most important things that Simon does during his life on the island. He is always willing to help when work needs to be done. The first thing that Simon does when he came on this island is help Ralph search the island. He follows him the whole way and became friendly with him. He also helps Ralph make the shelters for everyone on the island. He is the only boy on the island who sticks with Ralph through making all three shelters while everyone else is swimming or running around. This shows Ralph that he can always count on Simon to help him when he needs someone. He also is very helpful when Ralph needs someone to go and tell Piggy that the group of young boys would not be able to make it back to camp till after sunset. He volunteers without any question and walks all the way by himself back to the beach. Simon is a very helpful character and is always there when others needed him.

Privacy is one of the things that Simon Enjoys. Simon loves to go and find a quiet place in the woods and reflect. This is a very good thing because he was able to contemplate everything that he has to go thorough. He demonstrates that he is private because he goes in the woods by himself a lot to think. Right after the argument about people helping with the huts took place, Simon went off by himself into the woods. When he offers to go by himself to go and tell Piggy that all the boys would be later then suspected, he takes that time to reflect as well. “For a moment or two Simon was happy to be accepted and



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