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The Toulmin Model Project Essay

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Elijah Hill

Freshman Comp 111-8:00 MWF

November 1, 2015

The Toulmin Model Project Essay

Parents all across the world have different views on how and where to raise their children. The most important part in where to raise your children is raising them in a safe environment. People also have different definitions when it comes to safety and how it is applied to their life. The country and the city both have negative and positive aspects that can influence a child’s upbringing.  

Some pros and cons to raising your child in the city include, more opportunities to learn, and high crime rates. In terms of the learning aspect, schools and other education edifices are more prevalent in the city than the country. As a result, the children’s worldview is enhanced. In terms of the crime rate aspect, the high crime rate can create a dangerous environment for child development. A revealing fact states that crime per 100,000 persons in metropolitan areas is 428.3(Todays Parent). This is relatable to me in that my cousin was shot and killed in 2008 walking to his car buying groceries, he was wrongly mistaken for someone else and died because of the stupidity of another individual.

Aspects of the pros and cons of raising your children in the country include less pollution and the lack of public transportation. Filth and atmospheric pollution of the city are present at much higher rates than in the country. Air pollution is derived from burning fuels. This can create acid rain and smog. Air pollution kills 2 million people each year and over 200,000 suffer from respiratory problems (The Telegraph). Also more than 3 million children under age five have died annually from theses environmental factors. In terms of a con, schools can be few and far between in the country, making it difficult to find a good school and travel to it daily. Additionally, public transportation systems are not as prevalent in the country. Rural areas often lack public transportation and rising gas prices can lead to difficulties in transporting students to school and other extracurricular activities. Also, rural areas do not have the funding to improve schools and often do not have organized school systems like charter schools.



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