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The Tiger

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The Tiger

The tiger is a strong predator of the savannas. In this paper I will discuss the tiger's description, its habitat, and its hunting style.

The tiger is the largest member of the Felidae (cat) family. The average adult male tiger can weigh 420 pounds and be 9 feet in length, including the 3 foot tail. Most adult female tigers weigh 300 pounds and measure 8 feet in length.

The tiger's fur and eye color varies from subspecies. For example, the white tiger has blue eyes and a chalk-white coat with brown or black stripes, and a Bengal tiger's fur color can range from a yellow-brown or a orange-red coat with brownish-black stripes and yellow eyes. Tigers have a keen vision that enhances its visibility when hunting at nighttime. All tigers have whitish fur on their throat, belly, and inside their legs. The stripe pattern on a tiger's coat is as unique as a human fingerprint. The thickness of a tiger's coat depends on the climate of their environment.

It has pointy, hollow ears that are perfect for hearing, and long whiskers to help him find its way through its habitat.

Wild tigers are only located on the Asian continent. Tigers are so well adapted to their surroundings that they can live in almost any climate. Tigers can be found in the tropical and deciduous forests of southern Asia, as well as the northern forests of Siberia. The tiger can also survive in the Surdarban mangrove forests, the northwestern dry thorn forests of India, and in the tall grasslands on the Himalayan floor.

To survive, a tiger needs an abundant source of water from a river or lake, shade and vegetation from trees or grasslands to shelter and camouflage itself and to be able to scrutinize its prey.

Tigers usually hunt large mammals such as antelopes, water buffalos, wild cattle, young elephants , young rhinos, and wild boars. Tigers can also hunt small animals like monkeys, small birds, reptiles and fish.

Tigers commonly hunt during night time if they live undisturbed by humans, otherwise they hunt during the day. When a tiger is ready to hunt, it roams on the plains following animal trails. When the tiger finally spots its prey, it tries its best to hide and remain silent,



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