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A Day In The Life Of A Siberian Tiger

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Essay Preview: A Day In The Life Of A Siberian Tiger

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The year was 2025. Advanced technology has given birth to a life-exchanging machine. Many people have tried it among humans, exchanging lives with their family members and fellow friends. However, I was the first to attempt exchanging lives with an animal.

I was given several choices of animals I could exchange lives with. All the animals were endangered. I was to learn their lifestyles so that they could be saved from becoming extinct. The ten animals were the grizzly bear, Guadalupe fur seal, jaguar, mandrill, spider monkey, Siberian tiger, addax, African elephant, green sea turtle and the giant panda. I chose the Siberian tiger, for it was the most endangered animal of the group, as well as the most interesting. Only about 200 Siberian tigers were left in the world, this minute population threatened by illegal hunting that added woes to the animal's low birth rate.

I was put to sleep in a laboratory. I woke up, feeling dizzy. It took me by surprise when I realised I was in the mountains of Russia. Moving around was difficult. After all, I weighed a hefty 380 kilogrammes. I was the largest tiger in the world, my massive white-furred body with black stripes graced by my fierce face and enormous paws. My instincts told me that it was just sunrise. I felt hungry, my stomach rumbling like a volcano waiting to erupt! I took slow, graceful steps like those of a ballerina, looking around for my breakfast.

I saw nearby, a herd of domestic cattle roaming around, grazing on the little grass that remained. I went up behind a tree trunk, prepared to ambush any unsuspecting cow or calf. I managed to catch a cow by its hind leg. I ripped its flesh, devouring the meat hungrily. Blood tainted my face, but I was not the least bothered. Having finished nearly two-thirds of the cow, I decided to leave my catch aside, to go for a drink at a nearby lake.

As I strolled to the lake, the egrets that were enjoying the cold water of the lake quickly flew away, afraid of me. I felt so powerful and dominant. I lied by the side of the lake, my tongue tasting a bit of the water before I slurped more to quench my thirst. The sun was scorching, so I headed towards a shady tree. Lying beneath it, I looked around into the distance. With my good eyesight, I managed to spot poachers. They were carrying a cage, inside it, a Siberian tiger cub. I felt disgusted. The black market thrived from the catches of these heartless people who only wanted cold, hard cash.

The Siberian tiger was often hunted for its skin, which could be made into various posh products, and its internal organs, which could be made into traditional medicine. Some hunters hunted the Siberian tiger for its head, which was to be displayed at their homes as mantelpiece decorations. This was to show their bravery and skillfulness in hunting game. As the poachers came my way, I quickly stood up and carefully walked away.

I reached a huge rock and lied in its shadow. I smelt something. My sense of smell worked out that it was the odour of another tiger that had marked the place as its territory earlier on. I heard the rustle of leaves. I looked around, and there he was, the male Panthera tigris that owned the place. As he came towards me, I stood up, trying to push my body upwards, into a fierce and dominating stance, to signal that I was ready to fight for the place.

Immediately, he leapt towards me. I got my claws ready and managed to slash his back. A Siberian tiger's skin was very tough, and I did not do much damage with just one swipe of my claws. He sought vengeance. This time, I sank my canines into one of his hind legs. He groaned in pain, trying to slap me off him with



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