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The Stranger, by Albert Camus

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Essay Preview: The Stranger, by Albert Camus

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n the novel The Stranger, by Albert Camus, Meursault, the main character, is very different and goes against the societal norms. Many are afraid of him due to his beliefs and values. Due to Meursault’s morals many believe that he is some type of monster, when in reality he is just living a simple life by his own rules. Meursault is normal, but because he lives his life differently, people are stunned and afraid.

When a telegram arrived to Meursault’s apartment about his mother’s death the first thing that he thought was that it was going to ruin his Sunday. He did not know when she died and to him it did not matter because she was still gone. During the funeral he fell asleep because the room was too hot and he was too tired. The next day on the way to the church for the mass and burial he did not shed one tear, he thought is was completely unnecessary due to the fact that his mother was not religious. The next day he met a girl, Marie at the beach and they went to the movies and then back to his apartment. He never mourned over the loss of his mother and it was an innocence to him because it ruined his Sunday.

Meursault does not believe in God. He believes that this is the only life we live and when we die that we die and there is no afterlife. Many refer to Meursault as the anti-christ due to his believes. After killing the Arab he is pronounced guilty and will be executed. He is sent to a cell to stay until they decide when he will be killed; a priest comes and visits with him says that now it is time to turn to God, and begins to force religion on Meursault. He grows angry and starts screaming and choking the priest because he does not believe and in his last moments does not want to convert.

The main character of, The Stranger, has his own method to living life. Although many do not agree with him he is not changing to make others happy, because he does not care about anyone but himself. His morals and values make him content



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