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The Softsheen-Carson Strategic Plan - Swot Analysis Paper

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Essay Preview: The Softsheen-Carson Strategic Plan - Swot Analysis Paper

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Strategic Plan Part 2: SWOT Analysis Paper

Comica Terrell



Tara Hall

Strategic Plan Part 2: SWOT Analysis Paper

Now that I identify the organization who created and produces, introduce the organization new divison, hair technology, and the product of the electronic extension hair braider. Now we are going to analyze and go into more details of the breakdown of the SWOT analysis. Identifying the division’s and product internal and external factors. Analyzing components relating to external forces and trends considerations such as legal, regulatory, global, economic, technologic, innovation, social, environmental, and competitive analysis. Also the components relating to internal forces and trends considerations such as strategy, structures, processes, systems, resources, goals, strategic capabilities, culture, technologies, innovations, intellectual properties, and leadership.

Economic, legal, and regulatory forces and trends

There are numerous of trends of considerations to consider when conduct the externalities of a SWOT.  Legal and regulatory, there are laws which will required to be followed for developing a new division and product such as Consumer Product Safety Act, environmental law and regulations, federal law and regulations, state law and regulations, and many other acts and regulation relating which needed to be complied with. Another thing to take into consideration is the economic standpoint the cost to go to the salon and get it done cost according to CostHelper, the amount for particle ranged $150-300 and for the entire head ranges from $300- $600. The idea of the developing division for the new product is to assist consumers who wants the service and product however are budget conscience. I do not believe that my product would take away jobs because their are several other services for hair that any hairdresser can do.

Organization Adapts to Change

         The Softsheen- Carson has been around for several of years through variety of trends and the organization continues to develop and innovation hair related products. It was not as difficult for the organization to adapt to change It was a successful change that the Softsheen- Carson, a change where which the organization was excited for because the of the direction which way the firm is going and  how this innovation is the next evolution for hair and beauty products and/or services. This can present other opportunities for the organization and new scientific ideas and methods. While many firms are afraid and uneasy about change and/ alternative methods, the organization of Softsheen- Carson welcomes change and any other competitive advantage which could benefit the company.

Supply Chain

The new divison, Hair Technology, to implement to pre- existing infrastructure of Softsheen- Carson supply chain. Utilizing the company’s point of sale synchronization (POS) system to record and keep inventory of shipments, products, sells, manufacturing and more. The organization will share the existing product manufacture to reduce cost of finding a different land for product manufacture as well as utilize Softsheen- Carson system of distribution/ distributor, wholesaler, and retailers such as hair salons, hair care stores, and a related retails stores for example Wal-Mart. The only factor that would change is the expansion in adding a new department so this will including expanding the manufacturing building, increasing distribution, and increasing productivity and capital.



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