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Izmur National University - Analysis of Strategic Planning

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Essay Preview: Izmur National University - Analysis of Strategic Planning

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Izmir National University

Analysis of Strategic Planning

        When evaluating faculty comments about Izmir National University, it becomes evident that there is a lack of strategic vision. The university is not operating with a “purposeful collection of people, objects, and procedures for operating within an environment” (Meredith & Shafer, 2016, p.4); therefore, there is no system in place to provide a controlled and consistent service to faculty, staff, and students. Due to their inability to create a strategic planning process, this puts all other operating functions at risk. This is exemplified through the faculty comments for requests for funding for added faculty positions, graduate research assistants, and increases in travel budget (Meredith & Schafer, 2016).

There is also a lack of strategic vision within the admission process. The appeal to improve the quality of admissions requires a vision to know where the university is, and where it desires to be. A mission that promotes Izmir National University’s vision will guide the emphasis on research, and the amount of consulting permitted (Meredith & Schafer, 2016).

Aside from the major functions of the university, there is a failure to organize even the daily tasks that faculty and staff deem necessary to serve students. This is illustrated in their failure to provide voice mail to faculty, which is neglectful and fails to manage disruptions to daily operations. The daily functionality is also impeded by the five day wait for copying. This can be improved by creating an emphasis on supply chain management by developing stronger relationships with providers which will better support faculty and eliminate this 5-day wait.  “Because the faculty had to be hired so quickly, there was little real organization, and the curriculum seemed to be decided on the basis of which advisor a student happened to consult,” shows that there is no focus on core strengths (Meredith & Shafer, 2016, p.31). Overall Izmir National University has a long way to go to achieve the level of strategic process planning that is required of a major institution (Meredith & Schafer, 2016).

Recommendations to Dekan

While Izmir National         University has experienced some success, the current organizational culture cannot be sustained. The deficiencies at the institution are the result of a lack of a long-range strategic plan for operations. A plan that represents a vision and culture for the future should be developed. Present operations need to be examined and operations adjusted to address current problems. With a strategic plan in place, Izmir National University can mindfully focus on improving quality and aligning all staff and faculty to achieving the same goal (Meredith & Schafer, 2016).

In regards specifically to the business school, the obvious recommendation would be to increase recruiting efforts and create more elite enrolling requirements. However, none of this will be effective unless the overall organizational structure of the institution is overhauled. A long-term and successful strategy will require input from a broad representation of the university. It is crucial that Dekan drive the development of a strategic plan and improve operations, and the sustainability of the university. He should bring together internal and external partners who can focus on the university’s core strengths, as well as student driven growth. “Core capabilities provide the basis for developing new products and services and are a primary factor in determining an organization’s long-term competitiveness” (Meredith & Shafer, 2016, p.28).

The next step in this process will be to have the strategic planning group conduct a university-wide campaign to solicit input. This will increase ownership of the plan, while also aiding in finding the best ideas for a long-range plan that will improve operations. Widespread buy-in will set a course for the future and allow everyone to see what resources are needed to improve efficiency, and sustain Izmir National University. The planning team should include leaders that possess the required influence to carry out the plan. The suggestions gathered will improve the university’s ability to maintain a positive and strategic direction, and build a culture where staff, faculty, and students are engaged and take ownership of their desired outcomes (Meredith & Shafer, 2016). 



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