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The Sin Bin or Lucy's Heart

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Essay Preview: The Sin Bin or Lucy's Heart

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The sin bin or Lucy´s heart

How does the perfect person act? If you put a lot of effort into school, they say you should focus on socializing. If you use most of your time socially, you should put more effort into school. No matter what one does, someone will always say that is wrong.

Lucy does not know if she should keep being the grade A student, or if she should try being the tough kid that no one dares to pick on.

Lucy is a class A student, one of the very best on the entire school. She has for the very first time been put in “The Sin Bin,” which is detention. The reasoning behind the detention is Lucy hitting another girl, named Penny.

Lucy’s mother overreacts when she is talking about things she does not like. (“My mother tells me that if I smoke, my arteries will fur up and I’ll have a heart attack,” Page 3, Line 13-15). Lucy therefor does not believe everything her mother says, that combined with her wish to be a “cool” kid, makes her say yes to Bethan’s offer of being her best friend. Lucy does not like Bethan or her friends. She does like the respect being friends with Bethan gives her though (“I’m almost the brainiest girl at school, but my best friend is the hardest girl in the year so he can’t have go,” Page 2, Line 37-39).

The mother has always had a very big influence on Lucy, because of that she has never had the chance to rebel and try something on her own. With Bethan, she can do anything she wants without being judged at all. This is the exact opposite that it is with her mother, so one can only imagine what kind of relief it would be. The problem is that her mother has withheld her for so long, that now when she is finally “breaking loose” of her mother she went to the extreme. She did not just disagree over the dinner table, she punched another kid. Punching someone can get you in prison, so it is not something lighthearted.

Lucy is split. She likes being the smart kid, but that does not give her any sort of respect. (“I couldn’t tell her I loved walking up the Sports Hall, all eyes on me,” Page 4, Line 14-15) She does not like being with Bethan, but with her she is not a wimp and people respect her. It is more easy for Lucy to keep hanging out with Bethan, because the school have already given up on her, and if she wanted to be a “good” student again, she would have to stand responsible for everything she had done. (“And picking on poor Penny Jones. Who doesn’t have much to be happy about anyway,” Page 2, Line 23-24)

Lucy’s name is extremely close to the name of Lucifer. Lucifer is in The Holy Book Satan himself. Lucifer was one of God’s most



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