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The Shoe Carnival

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Essay Preview: The Shoe Carnival

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The Shoe Carnival

Character List:

Whitley (Cashier)

Raymond (Floor Supervisor)

Jessica (Floor Supervisor)

Brett (Sales Associate)

Karen (Loss Prevention)


Customer #1

Police Officer

Extra Customers in store

Setting: The Shoe Carnival is a retail store where this scene takes place. It is approximately 7 p.m. and one of the employee's, Whitley is returning to work after a brief break. Just as she is approaching the entrance to the store she notices the flashing police lights and a crowd of spectators. She also notices Raymond the Floor Supervisor standing at the door. Employees are wearing lime green shirts and kaki pants; Shoplifter and customers are wearing regular street clothes and the police officer is in uniform.

Whitley:" Raymond, what's going on?"

Raymond: "That lady just tried to steal some shoes and she got caught!"

Whitley:" Are you serious? I miss everything!

Why did I have to go on break?"

Raymond: "Ha, Ha!" (Chuckle)

(Jamie and Jessica are in the "mike stand" and Karen is on the steps.)

Jamie: "Whitley you missed it girl!"

Jessica: "Ha Ha, we caught her and now she looks like a fool!"

Whitley: Where is she?

Karen: "She's in the back office with the police."

(Karen leaves and goes to the office, and Brett walks up toward us.)

Brett: "Man! I did a great job holding that big lady down!"

(Raymond over hears this conversation and comes over)

Raymond: "Brett, if I remember correctly, you were standing behind the shelf the whole time while I held the lady down."




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