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A Day In The Shoes Of A Hunter

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Essay Preview: A Day In The Shoes Of A Hunter

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Waking up at 0400 hrs. The morning dew lifting from the river near by. The smell of egg and bacon cooking on the grill. Those are just a few things that a hunter deals with while the are in the woods. I am a hunter. I spend November through January going through those things. But its what I love, what I look forward to every year. With the dogs barking and running as fast as they can. The trill of chasing the dogs for they may be running on a buck. But the best day ever is the day a hunter kills their first deer.

Mid November on a Saturday morning, I wake up at approx. 0400 hrs. I pour a cup of coffee and I attempt to wake up. It is not normal waking up at 0400 hrs., but its the start of a fun and exciting day. There is nothing like eggs and bacon in the morning while sitting with the other hunters and planning out what we are going to do for the day. Off in the distance, I can hear the dogs began to wake up and bark, because they know whats in store for them. Its cold outside, approx. 40 degrees and I sit there eating and wondering what I am going to wear to keep out of sight and yet stay warm. Oh how I look forward to whats in store for the day.

The trill of chasing hunting dogs is incredibly awesome. You start by someone walking the dogs into the woods. Getting them ready for that chase. Sometimes you put 7 to 9 dogs on the gound at one time. Then next thing you know they are off and the hunter that walked them in is running as fast as he can to get back to the truck to radio the direction the dogs are heading. All the trucks start converging on the area to see what exactly the dogs are running on. Is it a deer or is it a fox? Sometimes we have issues with our dogs and they get excited and run on a fox. Next thing you know someone is yelling on the radio that the dogs are running on a 10 pt. buck. The chase is on!

It is so exciting and breath taking when a hunter kills there first deer. You spend so many days



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